Dead Space: World's first play of astro-shocker

Games Radar describes the shock filled preview of the upcoming sci-fi horror title:

"A worrying clanging noise began building in volume aboard the Ishimura, the vessel serving as the setting for Event Horizon-ish galactic horrorfest Dead Space.

We were warned. 'Be careful, this is LOUD', guffawed Glen Schofield, Executive Producer on the game. Even so, we weren't quite prepared for the hurricane that came out of the speakers the first time we came up against the Necromorphs, and we nearly deposited the coffee we'd been drinking directly onto EA's plush couch."

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Lord Cheese3819d ago

really looking forward to this actually - hopefully wont be a re-hash of doom III but something genuinely scary...

DECEPT1KON3819d ago

yea this looks awesome, res evil in space lol!

Bolts3819d ago

This game looks good, but so did Kane and Lynch. Just don't screw this one up EA!

rmedtx8883819d ago

This game looks very promising. I can't wait to play a demo.

Arkham3819d ago

Actually this is coming up for both the 360 and PS3, so the channels should be updated. (Did you even read the article author's attribution, "PlayStation World UK")

Vito44343819d ago

Since L&K and ACreed I have become a little leery about multiplatform outcomes. It seems that either of these aforementioned titles would have been far better if optimized for a specific console. I know COD4 was a cross console hit but too much evidence for pessimism.

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