Rainbow Six Vegas 2 scans

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 scans from the latest issue of the Official Xbox 360 Magazine.

(Press the all sizes button above the images to see them in their original resolution.)

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iceice1233727d ago

Just like with VF5..oh wait, how about RBS:V1...nope failed again..hmm no games look better on the PS3. Why would you expect this to change? :)

JsonHenry3727d ago

I liked the first one, but I am not excited for a new one unless they change up the gameplay some. I hope they will, but I doubt it.

When does Huxley come out again?

Savior X3727d ago

Have you even looked at Rainbow 6 and Splinter Cell on the XBOX? They look like crud on the PS3 buddy! I have both versions!!!

sicknnyc3726d ago

Vegas got a 9.0 on ps3. I like and their are many people playing ONLINE!

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Dlacy13g3727d ago

I kinda am not all that excited for this. I really liked the first one... so I am a little taken a back by my lack luster enthusiasm for this. Maybe i am just not liking the choice to stay in Vegas with the game.... just something about it feels blah.

Blademask3727d ago

It looks as good as just a patch with more levels.

Will wait for screenshots though. not Scans.

King Eric3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

You see this a lot in Clancy games. Take for instance GRAW. GRAW 2 wasn't a whole lot different than the first but I'm sure it sold tons of copies. I was hoping for more graphic wise but if they can fix the lousy frame rate that would be a plus. There also definitely needs to be a better PS3 version this time around. I'm glad you can jump right into matches like in Rainbow Six 3. I hate waiting until a round is over just to find out that the host has quit and you need to start the waiting game all over. I never understood why they ever made that change in the first place. Looks like March is going to be another expensive month if everything doesn't get delayed like usual.

mighty_douche3727d ago

Tom Clancy’s had his day.

OOG FunK3727d ago

meh ill be in it for the multiplayer woooowwwowowoww

TheExecutive3726d ago

lol i would rather play, COD, Warhawk, or resistance over R6 crappy multiplayer... By the time this comes out next year we will have MGS:Online, KZ2 online, LBP and Resistance 2 coming in the fall. Not to mention GT:online, I think I may rent this one...

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The story is too old to be commented.