Sega's Yakuza 3 Prostitute Gameplay

Sega's Yakuza, series known as Ryu Ga Gotoku in Japan, is heading into the past for the third installation with some sexy additions. With a newly announced release date of March 6, 2008, gamers will soon be able to play rythm based sex mini-games within Ryu Ga Gotoku 3. Press the buttons in the correct order in the heart shape to seduce and satisfy the woman you're with. Game Watch reports that prostitutes will be important to the game this time around unlike previous installations where it was just a meaningless small mini-game. Watch for Yakuza 2 to be released in the US finally in early to mid 2008 with Yakuza 3 following most likely in 2009 for the Playstation 3.

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ruibing3943d ago

Oh why do they tease us so with localization being delayed for a whole year? It may just be faster to just learn Japanese.

INehalemEXI3943d ago

Thats what I been thinking lately too.

solar3943d ago

i read prostitutes whats going on here?

oh, and i want to learn japanese and move to Japan and live. dreams....oh the dreams i have..

KidMakeshift3943d ago

I've been waiting for a japanese choking simulator

Korosuke3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Prostitute is kinda mistranslation.
Anyway, probably my first day purchase. so I will let you know whether English subtitles are in JP vesion.

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