Rumor: New info and pictures from Street Fighter IV leaked

Brazilian gaming blog Blogeek has apparently gotten big news on the upcoming Street Fighter IV game and they are more than happy to share it with the Internets:

"Street Fighter IV runs at 60 frames per second.

Street Fighter IV will have online play.

The game takes place after Super Street Fighter II Turbo and before SFIII. The good news is that the character roster will be made of many old-school brawlers and some entirely new ones. There are two new girls on the list. We will probably not see any SFIII characters."

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MK_Red3758d ago

Nice find and screens. Sadly, these screens confirm my fears that the game won't be as gritty and stylish as the trailer. It also has a strong childish feel to it right now which I really don't like :(

PS3 Limps on and on3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

IS this game really that good? It looks like cartoony street fighter.

Same old Street Fighter, Enlarged Cartoon characters.

Lord_Mike3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Yeah, also I do not like the bulky look of Ryu and Ken. They need to slim them down a bit. Other than that, I can't wait to play this online. Countless hours of ass whoopin' and being whooped would be great!

solar3758d ago

imagine how Zangief looks ::o.O:: or hell E-Honda ::double o.O::

man i havent played a SF since SF2 on snes. (ya ya ive been away from this series and consoles way to long :P) my last true fighter i played religiously was DOA2 for Dreamcast. seeing this pics of Chun-Li's old stomping grounds got me all giddy!

Loopy3758d ago

Really? What's your problem?
Are you all a bunch of crybabies?
The game isn't even out yet, and already you're criticizing?
Just SHUT UP please !

Look at all those nostalgic SF fans.
"Oh! It doesn't have that 2d graphics feel to it! It SUCKS!"
Bloody hell, grow up and evolve.
Games evolve, so should you.

If you want to play your SF2, go play it. Just don't expect SF4 to be SF2 Version 4.

leon763758d ago

Tottally agree with you loopy!!! this guys are weird!!

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Meus Renaissance3758d ago

That looks pretty damn exciting.

THE_JUDGE3757d ago

It looks rather meh to me. I don't like the bulky characters and the cell shading is too poppy.

TrevorPhillips3758d ago

this game is gonna own the graphics, gameplay and definetly online imagoine online woooooow =]

Peekay3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

looks like Naruto - still there could be a level like in the trailer. Where its night and its raining with lightning.

Edit: still i think its hard to tell without seeing in motion. The dust beneath Ryu's fireball looks quite cool.

Marceles3758d ago

I honestly can't say I'm impressed. It looks like Street Fighter EX HD. I liked Street Fighter III's art style and wish they turned that style up a notch, not use the "3d characters in 2d world" approach. And I agree with MK_Red when he says it looks childish...I just wish they went for the mature 2D hand drawn approach.