The 11 Best PS3 Games: Must-play List

GamePro writes:
"Here we are, a little more than a year after its release, and despite all its high-price criticism, multiple-version confusion and more than a few instances of developer complaints, the PS3 has some great gaming experiences that simply aren't to be missed.

With the more affordable 40GB version now in many gamers' sights for the holiday shopping season, we've put together a helpful list so no one makes any, um, regrettable decisions."

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MK_Red3908d ago

I really think Uncharted should be number one instead of Ratchet & Clank even though I love both and they both rock. I'd also put Warhawk in a higher position.

Maldread3908d ago

Yeah, i was surprised it wasn`t at number one to be honest. A good list though, since multiplayer games like COD4 wasn`t there (for the reasons they stated, but still)

MK_Red3908d ago

Games like COD4 and Rock Band indeed feel missing but as they said, it's only first-parties or the ones that are better on PS3.
They should have waited a bit for UT3 to arrive for PS3. That would have easily made it to top 3 IMO.

PS3PCFTW3908d ago

this is BULLSH1T.. everyone knows the ps3 has NO GAMES.

gamesR4fun3908d ago

It be Warhawk hands down cant get enough of it even with all the cheats and crap online service from Incog...
Just something about them jets that keep me coming back (daily since launch) adn with a new map out soon and the promise of a patch to fix some of the glitches... Im pretty hyped.
RC/tod is the only game Ive wrapped since I bought WH (still havnt finished it in challenge mode)Id add AC to the list for sure but since its exclusives only...

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HarryEtTubMan3908d ago

Good list for a first year. I can't wait to see what it looks like at the end of 2008!!

MK_Red3908d ago

Also, They could have used Eye of Judgement instead of Oblivion. Glad to see Everyday Shooter in a high position, it's definitly an underlooking gem.

xplosneer3908d ago

I have a blast with EoJ, but it's more niche and it's not a guaranteed "I like" kinda game. It's good though.

rofldings3908d ago

Damn Ratchet looks amazing, I can't believe I haven't bought that yet ... but alas, I've spent all my money. :(

I really want it though. ;)

gamesblow3908d ago

Man, So many Ps3 games need to be played and fully given time to enjoy, if you ask me.

Genji 2
untold Legends

4 of the best ps3 games to date and no one wanted to give them the time of day... "shrugs" I simply don't understand it. It's like... next-gen made the bar so unatainable for interest it's not even applicable to play anything by the industry standards. That's how bad it's gotten.

I'm so glad I can make my mind up and buy the games I wanna buy without fearing I might have not been in the majority.

With all that said...

Ratchet and clank
Genji 2
Everyday shooter

That's my top list of games to own and play for Ps3... I've had the most fun with those games. Stardust too, by the way.

Skerj3908d ago

I got Genji 2 and Folklore. I loved the first Genji and wanted to try the 2nd despite the criticism, it's a good game but it was rushed for launch with some features you can OBVIOUSLY see are missing like the horseback thing and the RPG elements from the first are all but gone. Folklore is just dope, I can't believe that game didn't get a lot of exposure, I hope Game Republic revisits both franchises in the future. As far as the other 2, I was going to wait for Lair to drop in price and I didn't like Untold Legends on PSP so I stayed away from the PS3 one.

Jack Bauer3908d ago

no resistance?...that game is so underrated, one of the best games i have ever played, yet people act as if it doesnt exist or was a flop.

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