Xbox 360 DivX support disappoints (so far)

Shawn Morton of TechRepublic writes:

"Unfortunately, my experience with DivX support on the XBOX 360 has been pretty disappointing so far.

"The biggest disappointment is that DivX is not supported if you use your XBOX 360 as an extender for a Windows Media Center PC (which I do). So if you've got a MCE box with all of your DivX media on it, you cannot stream that DivX to your 360 using the Media Center UI in the console. Why? I'm not sure. You would think that MCE users would be the first ones that MSFT would want to support. After all, they not only have the XBOX 360, but they also have a Windows MCE box."

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Blackmoses3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

that was Microsoft rushing to get it out before Sony just so they could have bragging rights. All because it was announced that Sony would support it before they had a chance work anything out. They just really, (in essence) threw it out to there for [email protected] and giggles just to say they had it supported first. Only thing was that it wasn't fully tested and or implemented very well within the software coding to really be any major significance. Now if Sony comes out of the gates and has it fully implemented through out their machine....then Microsoft is gonna look mediocre when it comes to the whole Divix support issue between the two consoles.

It's more gonna be a wait and see game. See how Sony really plans to use it in their console. If they somehow drop the ball (which is likely, given the fiasco with the last update) then that leaves the door open for Microsoft to capitalize and improve the supported format.

But hell, what do I know....
I'm just a gamer who stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night......

aiphanes3879d ago

Blackmoses, I do not care if your a xbot or a sony are a friend in my book...and if you are on the PSN can add me as a friend!

PS3n3603879d ago

even if the ps3 gets divx support my experience so far trying to stream anything to the ps3 has been frustratingly difficult. I am a mac user so it has even less options as far as software. With windows media 11 which is free for windows users the streaming to the xbox is flawless. If anyone knows of an easy free way to stream media to the PS3 please let me know. The net is full of frustrated ppl with the same problem as me. I would rather use PS3 to stream media due to its reliability and quiet operation, but I may be forced to use my toasteroven360 to get the job done.

Raptors3879d ago

Absolute gold lol Bubble for you sir.

uxo223879d ago

You are the man dude!

PS3n360 , I do not care if your a xbot or a sony are a friend in my book...and if you are on the PSN network or can add me as a friend!

I have the same problem with my PS3, although it see the data file, it tells me over and over again that the media format is not compatible for any format I try.

As for this shawn morton dude, perhaps if he did some research with his 360 connecting and seeing files using his desktop instead of running straight to the blog sites to whine about it, he would have noticed that changing the extention from .divx to .avi will make those videos show right up and play like a champ. I have vista home premium, but I don't have a problem changing the source with the x button and choosing the video folder on my desktop. Besides when I get ready to watch an actual movie, I'm going to use my MCE anyway not my xbox.

Oh well, I guess he'd rather blog (whine) about it.

razer3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

MS has been working on DiVX since last year. I wish I could refer you to the various Major Nelson podcasts where he is hinting at the support being added but I'm too lazy.

Still it has been a complete let-down so far. It plays absolutely ZERO of my XViD/DiVX files and I also use Media Center so no support makes it a total bust for me. The PS3 is nothing but a total pain in the azz to stream media and ugly to boot. MCE is sooo much nicer but I am going to be very interested to see how Sony implements theirs and if it will support my media. If it does, it's going to be embarrassing for MS and I agree it will look like they did a rush job.

EDIT: @1.6 - So you already have the DiVX support for the PS3?? You must have a time machine. If you are talking about a transcoding solution, every machine can do that and it sucks. The 360 streams media just fine, just many aren't happy with the DiVX implimentation.

antoinetm3879d ago

so that M$ way of doing things.

Rush it then fix it later...

Streaming to ps3 : no problems so far.

except that its so powerfull that it crash my network 10% of the time when i turn it on. (linksys + ps3 = not made for each other)
but the recent updates seem to have corrected some part of that problem, or maybe its just luck.

hades073879d ago

I have one word which can help you stream files easily to your xbox 360, TVersity. Now that the 360 plays divx files, no on the fly transcoding like before, they play perfectly and look alot better than being transcoded. Look it up, the program basically replaces Windows Media Player or Zune or whatever as a media server and is alot easier to use.

Guwapo773879d ago

I know exactly what your talking about. I could not get Windows Media Player 11 to work with the PS3 at all. I figured it was something Microsoft did to the player for it not to work. So I had to do a little searching...and I found this.

This program streams all your data to the PS3 with ease. I hope you enjoy it...PM me later and tell me how it works out for you.

WonderboyIII3879d ago

I have an Xbox 360, and Vista Ulitmate (MCE) and I watch divx movies from my PC on my Xbox 360 without any issues. The 360 can play movies from:

1) USB flash or HD
2) DVD
3) PC
4) Web

I dont understand what the problem is. Just exit the extender, and go to movies and choose your computer to be the source. Then you will see the shared folders you want to play movies from. This 360 versus PS3 2 girls one cup stuff has really crossed the line.

shelbygt333878d ago

That's the headline from Gizmodo.

Honestly - if all you can complain about is the MCE issue, you are focusing on a very very small issue. You can still play all of the DivX files, just click on "Videos", hit "X" and change the source to your computer. Look in your shared folders... tada!!!!

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Spike473879d ago

MS is the suxor, xbox360 sux!!!!!
ps3 PWns !!!!!!!!!!!!

j/k :)

aiphanes3879d ago

Why microsoft why?

Come on Sony give us full Civx certification...even if we have to wait!

10. What are the different video codecs that are supported in all the different ways to play video content on the Xbox 360?

See table below for more information:

Supported Codecs

From USB storage device to Xbox 360 Dashboard Video Player

From Windows Media Player 11 to Xbox 360 Dashboard Video Player

From Zune Software to Xbox 360 Dashboard Video Player

From Windows Home Server to Xbox 360 Dashboard Video Player

From Windows Media Center to Xbox Media Center Extender
WMV(Protected), WMV(Unprotected),

toughNAME3879d ago

seems like only a sony fanboy would know that..

its about the games.

go play Warhawk or something

projectile3879d ago

I have tried it myself and I find it works very well! nice getting 5.1 surround with my divx movies/series.

Bathyj3879d ago

Not surprising a Sony fan can do a little research.

You Bots get "Confused" having a 40, 60 and 80GB HD.

Greysturm3879d ago

Why a zilch, 20 and 120 makes sense to them?

darthv723879d ago

cd-r, dvd-/+r/rw.

I like that I can take a divx disc that plays in my dvd player and drop it into the 360 and play it as well (divx 5 encoded that is)

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killercam193879d ago

hes having 1 problem that it doesnt work thru MCE the divx codecs work fine so dont use the fact that it doesnt work thru MCE to say that the codec is broken u azsholes

romaink3879d ago

i'm guessing that most of the negative posters here don't have a 360, because the guy posting this article is clearly not doing something right. the guy is just upset that the codecs are not supported in Windows MCE yet. While he does have a point, there's no reason to say that the codec support is broken. it works for everyone else with WM 11. whose PC doesn't have WM 11?!

Loopy3879d ago

Me and a whole slew of users who think WMP is a piece of garbage.
There are other BETTER alternatives media player, SOO much better.

Meus Renaissance3879d ago

I hope when Sony releases their update we don't experience any problems otherwise all hell would go loose. I get so frustrated at not being able to stream HD episodes of my favourite shows to my TV.

uxo223879d ago

These are no problems, the troubles come from people trying to use the divx support outside of the restrictions set by MS. I played divx movies and videos on my xbox using the SIMPLE instruction and it works and looks great.

It's already been said, well before the release of the fall update that streaming through the MCE was being blocked. Although I think MS is being jerks for not allow that, it does work as advertised when done properly. And doing it properly is effortless.

As I say all the time, people are not happy unless they have something to b!tch about. Seriously.