Linked PS3s Become Supercomputer

Sony has donated a handful of PlayStation 3s to a professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth who has used the gaming consoles to build his own supercomputer.

Prof. Gaurav Khanna is using a cluster of eight PS3s to do simulations of the gravitational waves emitted from supermassive black holes as they devour stars. It sounds like it could make a great game, but actually it is rocket science. Khanna's research supports a NASA project to study these "ripples in space time," and the home-brewed supercomputer is a big help in his work.

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EastCoastSB3940d ago

now that's "power under the hood" lol

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3940d ago

Its funny how the PS3 is great at floating-point calculations but horrible at 3D gaming. Good job Sony! You hit the nail on the head with your architecture!

Unfolding at home!!!!!!! W A I T B 3 Y O N D

HarryEtTubMan3940d ago

Sakk 500 your a lil bioth. It has better games that you junkbox. Stop being jealous of the PS3 annoying biotch

killercam193940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

if ur gonna diss the 360 attack its reliability but when ur gonna say that the ps3 has better games u just need to cut the crap and behave yourself..............i mean shlt i have a ps3 but i'm not gonna be a liar

The WildAttorney3940d ago

Because people sure arn't buying them, and especially not for games.

Slayer OP3940d ago

I guess you must live under a rock or something?

The WildAttorney3940d ago

In fact, I would suggest I'm more in tune with the state of the console race than you. PS3 is THIRD in worldwide next gen console sales (see ), and based on software sales (Xbox 360 sales are greater than PS3 and Wii combined), many of those who do purchase a PS3 are buying it just as a movie player and don't actually play video games. This is simple fact. Sorry you find it inconvenient.

Slayer OP3940d ago

Oh my god. People who buy ps3s dont want a movie player, they want the games. There have been articles on this. plus those sales of yours were from about mid summer. The ps3 sales have gone up quite a bit in the past two months even pasing the wii in sales for two weeks and keeping par with it after those two weeks. Please of your going to troll at least do some research before doing that and dont come here saying stupid things like "people are buying ps3 for the movies".

The WildAttorney3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Now who is living under a rock? I gave you a link before and I will give you a link again. Click Here --> The PS3 is THIRD world wide--not as of the end of summer, but as of December 1, 2007. PS3 on par with Wii? Don't make me laugh. Again, for the week ending December 1, 2007, there were 644k Wii's sold worldwide and 350k PS3s (about half the Wii sales). The Xbox 360 sales, while less than the Wii, were better than the PS3. So PLEASE get your facts straight before you challenge what I have to say. And as for the reasons why people buy the PS3, look at the attach rate. It is significantly less than the Xbox 360 (and that is per console, so the fact that there are 3 times as many Xbox 360s in homes than PS3s is irrelevant to that analysis).

xplosneer3940d ago

You just proved yourself wrong, because, even though it isn't selling great, it's selling, and games are selling. Stupid.

Slayer OP3940d ago

Ok first vg chartz is innaccurate. Plus if you read news here more often you would have known that ps3 did outsell wii for two weeks and managed to keep up after those two weeks. It doesnt matter what position it is in now because the console war isnt over yet. If its still in third place by the end of 2012 then you can brag about that all you like but for now its about weekly sales and ps3 is catching up to the competition in terms of that. Also if ps3 slaes are bad as you say then that means 360 sales are bad to you know why? Because they both sold the same in their first year. A good 5.5 million.

Attach rate? How do you know that? Oh right you dont your just assuming because i never see any articles showing how many ps3 are returned just sold. If you want to talk about attach rate do you mind explaining how 1 in 3 360s are being returned to stores with a little red ring on them?

napplegate3940d ago

i know quite a few people with 360's and more of them have been disappointed with technical issues than my friends with ps3's by a longshot.

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xg-ei8ht3940d ago

They put 200 360's together and guess what, it made a great bonfire. Sources suspect that an RROD started it.

Shinro3940d ago

that the PS3s capabilities are really great.

in time, developers will be able to make full use of the PS3's power, and that will be amazing.

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