Wii U Appearing at CES 2012

Nintendo are set to bring their Wii U console to next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas according to CNET.

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dirthurts2133d ago

I hope they've bumped up the specs a little bit...

Droid Control2133d ago

Thats the main reason I'm not keen on the Wii U.

Its just not powerful enough for me to want to buy it.

Bastion172133d ago

If its more powerful than this gen. I don't see how thats not powerful enough...

SleazyChimp2133d ago

Wii U please change the damn name of the system. I thought Wii was the dumbest name I've ever heard. Nope! Some how Nintendo figured out a way to find another stupid name for their system.

ChickeyCantor2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Why are you concerned with how it's called?
If it makes you feel uncomfortable then you have some growing up to do.

Honestly who gives a crap?
I just call it Nintendo. If I want to be specific with past consoles I call those by their name.

SleazyChimp2132d ago

So you would have no problem with it being called the Power Nintendo Entertainment System(PNES)? My concern is that ignorant shit like "Wii"is Nintendos main problem. They need to get serious about gaming again and grow some balls for christ sake!

hellvaguy2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Instead of Wii U, I wish they named it WiiWii. Than when someone asked me what I was doing, Id respond: Just playing with my weewee, or Wanna see my new weewee controller.

ChickeyCantor2132d ago

They are a business and catchphrases and " names" sell their products.

It is unrelated to the content.
Regardless of the Wii being called Wii. Nintendo still made quality games. Regardless of what you think of them.

Chillax, its all good.