Vita launch games priced by UK retailers

A variety of UK retailers have priced Vita's first-party launch games, with some titles available from as little as £17.99.

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FriedGoat2350d ago

Holy moly! Well, if I remember correctly 3DS games started at that price point, It wont last long.

extermin8or2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Well I have uncharted Golden abyss preordered from for 27 pounds as of yesterday lol and they always take the piss for the 1st month or so of a new consoles release when usually people haven't got a choice if they want games for it it wont a last long im sure :p and have them for ok prices at least the same as the ps3 ones if GAME etc are taking the piss order from shopto and simplygames
Edit: infact amazon seem to have most of the launch titles for under 30 pounds from what I can see might preorder a few more then cancel at the time depending on bundles and how much money I have spare etc as you pay lowest price :p so even if they go up im safe lol

bub162350d ago

good idea. im going to pre order uncharted now thanks for letting us know, i just hope my vita dosnt come with a copy of uncharted lol

extermin8or2350d ago

yh i thought that but you can cancel right up to just before they take payment so I figured that if i preorder both unit 13 and uncharted golden abyss, i can put a deposit down on ps vita in game next week and about a week before the release I should know what kind of bundles etc etc they are doing and I can then cancel if It will make it cheaper :p but this way even if amazon raise price when sony officially announce prices then I wont pay more that the 30 quid :p

bub162350d ago

£45 for uncharted!!!!!! WHAT!

Perjoss2350d ago

they're having a giraffe.

Ddouble2350d ago

£28 on Amazon right now

bub162350d ago

yup i made sure i grabbed that bargin!

GanjaMan2350d ago

in a week or 2 these will defiantly go down to about £20 or £25 look at the the new ps3/xbox games going down to £20 after 2 weeks, skyrim, saints row 3, new assassins creed, rage and many more!

Infact i picked up mw3 and fifa 12 for £50 (either £30 for 1 or 2 for £50) from blockbuster about a 2 or 3 weeks ago

MasterCornholio2350d ago

Meh im going digital because it's 40% cheaper.


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