New GTA IV trailer analysis

A full write-up of the GTA IV trailer including scene-by-scene analysis

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The WildAttorney3879d ago

Been there, done that. This game is old hat. I don't expect the game to sell well at all. Probably won't even surpass the sales figures for the latest Ratchet & Clank, and that's pretty darn low.

Vojkan3879d ago

I am with you.

"WOW you can kill cops!? That is so cool.....NOT!"

Slayer OP3879d ago

Wow are you two ralated to Jack thompson/ Ill bet 1 is his son and 1.1 is his wife. Go home you idiot trollers.

JAKESPLACE_3879d ago

I really really love this game and im prolly one of the first that would get it but men isnt this suppose to be a next gen game, theres like so much polygons and no smooth edges compared to the likes of maybe UNCHARTED, ok maybe thats too far but maybe say heavenly sword or Gears of War or other games in next gen, GTA 4 is not looking smooth around the edges,,its still lookin like a PS2 version. BUT THAT SAID, GTA always leads with the best pretty compellin stories so like I said I'll be first to buy it!! does anyone see the polygons like me??

Mr PS33879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

So analyze this xbots

Eamon3879d ago

GTA IV is going to have a bigger launch that San Andreas and Vice City.

And even if it doesn't it will still be close.

Audiggity3878d ago

Guys... look at what you are comparing... Uncharted and Gears of War. 2 games that are limited in their visuals to say the least. Uncharted has a very basic physics system behind it along with limited scope, GoW doesn't have one at all aside from grenade tossing.

This game will be in enormous environments, with what could possibly be the most groundbreaking physical interaction we've ever seen before. Graphics don't look like Gears? Of course not, you'll have 100's of people on the screen at once... staring at the guy you dropped from a helicopter, who bounced off of a building and landed in a telephone booth. Do that with any other game out there... oh, right, you can't even jump in GoW.

Don't just* look at graphics... wait until you at least play it. And be creative when jumping out of a car to let it coast downhill towards oncoming traffic/pedestrians.