Here Is the Confirmed List of US & European Launch Games for the PS Vita

Calin writes on PS Vita Universe: "The initial list of US & European launch games for the PS Vita is here and it has been confirmed that all of these titles will be available for purchase on launch day (February 22nd) in Europe and the United States. We have a total of 23 titles announced to be available on launch day"

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NukaCola2259d ago

What a phenomenal list. But can someone answer this cause I feel confused and a bit stupid:

What is the difference between Everybody's Golf and Hot Shots? It looks like the exact same game to me. If it is two sepereate titles, which one is the one to get?

Cloudberry2259d ago

Everybody's Golf (Minna no Golf) is the Japanese name for English version of Hot Shots Golf.

NukaCola2259d ago

Thanks Cloudberry

I could of sworn it was the same game. I didn't know that about the JP version. Thanks. +1 bub for helpful.

badz1492259d ago

Uncharted GA, Motorstorm RC, Escape Plan, Unit 13 and HotShot Golf all get my money! much will all those cost me?

badz1492259d ago

*dead* (my wallet that is!)

norman292259d ago

what i get disagreed for stating the list price of the games :| strange strange world

Zachmo1822259d ago

Really how can you say this is a phenomenal list? Besides Uncharted this is nothing to write home about.

Protagonist2259d ago

For you maybe ! Dont speak for the rest of us.

xflo3602259d ago

So is little big planet not a launch game then?

TheLastGuardian2258d ago

I hope so. LBP is my most anticipated Vita title. It says it's releasing launch day on Amazon but, you never know with their release dates.

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NewMonday2259d ago

glad Gravity Rush is confirmed, my day 1 game along with:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Super Stardust Delta
Escape Plan

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2259d ago

Escape Plan
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Rayman Origins ( if it is day 1)
maybe 1 of those racing games (probably motorstorm)
and gravity rush maybe at a later date.

lol and theres still resistance burning skies to get as well, whenever that comes out.

btw does anyone know how much i would get for a slightly used but good condition PS GO.

forevercloud30002259d ago

Ditto Dude. Gravity Rush is definitely #1 on my want list. On launch I think I will be picking up...
-Wifi(3G If plan is right) PS Vita = 250/300
-16GB Memory Stick = 80
-Gravity Rush =DD Vers.30-25
-SuperStardust Delta = DD 20 at most
-Uncharted:GA = 30-25
-Escape Plan = 20 at most

Give or take 1-2 games, depending on how much I have saved up on release and how much my PSP3000 and all it's accessories and games get me.I'm estimating a cool 100 trade in value for 3000, about 10 for my 8gb memstick, and 20 for games total(about 10 of them). Over all should be spending maybe 200 out of pocket.

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Stuart57562259d ago

Escape Plan looks good, that and Uncharted, wi-fi vita all day 1!

Redempteur2259d ago

Such a difficult launch ... my wallet is forcing me to focus on gravity daze & wipeout
dunno if i could queeze more for uncharted

by the way shinobido remind me of tenchu... finally a good stealth ninja game ???

Cloudberry2259d ago


It's more / less shows the differences between Shinobido & Tenchu,

Redempteur2259d ago

thanks for the info..
Looks cool , might try it

( who the heck got a disagree for everyone ? Someone who can't accept people planning to buy games ???)

tarbis2259d ago

I had a great laugh with Touch My Katamari trailer. XD
Great launch line-up.

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