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Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning Strikes Skyrim

It's East meets West. A Japanese gamer has inserted Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with a character mod. Here are the results. (Final Fantasy XIII, PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

FriedGoat  +   950d ago
Yay! now she can have substandard animation too!
h311rais3r  +   950d ago | Funny
And be in a game that is fun!
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   950d ago
+ funny. Lol
GraveLord  +   950d ago
Is your idea of fun aimless wandering in a fictional world with lines and lines of boring dialog? Sure the gameplay of Skyrim might be good but everything else is just bland and boring.(my opinion of course)
inveni0  +   949d ago
Sorry you got hammered by disagrees. You're actually right, though...sort of. I spent 65 hours playing Skyrim... In other words, I liked it. A lot. But it's very substandard in almost every aspect. The only good thing is the exploration... Wandering into a cave for no good reason and finding a mystical tree at the top of a waterfall, surrounded by wood sprites.... There's something great about it. But the reality is that every other aspect is so sub par, it would put Bethesda out of business if the exploration wasn't done right.
Frankfurt  +   949d ago
Even the PS3 version of Skyrim is still a LOT more fun than FFXIII's badly-written corridors.
Lyr1c  +   950d ago
Look Ma, No Linearity!
Biggest  +   949d ago
Just a bunch of pointless, disjointed "quest" things.
StraightPath  +   949d ago
wow that is awesome now time to mod master chief armour into the game too lol
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cyguration  +   949d ago
Yeah boi!

I second that motion.
ATi_Elite  +   949d ago
FF has become more of a boring linear CGI movie

while SKyrim is a game that you actually play and control.

Anyway the Mod is great and the FF character looks HOT in Skyrim's scenery.

Her thighs are a little Boney....she may need to eat a steak or two.
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thewhoopimen  +   949d ago
Is it me or is she the hottest thing in Skyrim lol.
_Aarix_  +   949d ago
Time for that nude mod.
hazelamy  +   950d ago
it's such a shame we can't get mods like that for the console versions.

those swords are pretty cool too.
h311rais3r  +   950d ago
You can. U just have to mod ur console lol.
cyguration  +   949d ago
LOL what idiot disagreed with you?

Probably some console fanboy purist "Don't mod teh consoles guyz, M$ will lose teh money!"
Hufandpuf  +   949d ago
I can get mods on my games if I mod my console? Cool.
TheMutator  +   950d ago
dont put that crap of character in my Skyriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim
jrbeerman11  +   949d ago
i was severely dissapointed with the game ffxiii, but lighting as a character was not half bad.

I also find it typical (and funny) that they made her look more revealing. Upon looking at the nexus for top downloads, you will see plenty of the boobie mods.

swords look badass
Coffin87  +   950d ago

This is not video game news.
Every damn f*in CoD game, every console exclusive, every game that is a little bigger gets "news" at least twice a day, even WORSE after it is released.

"Why the PSG1 sucks in COD"
"Why I think that the spawn times are too big"
"This mod is cool"
"5 reasons you should buy this game for christmas"
"A dev farted" - 2 hours later: 500° and 56 comments.

Is there any way to block those permanently?
Not every news from a specific game, but like a function to block every one of those news that annoy me, so I will at least never have to look at them again.

By the way: I love the living F* out of Skyrim. I just don't wanna read any "news" like this. This is not why I come to this site.
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tigertron  +   950d ago
To be fair, its a great mod thats related to Final Fantasy. Those modders have done a great job of bringing Lightning to Skyrim. Although I'm not quite sure about the lingerie shes wearing. (Well, its not but its boderline) :P
jrbeerman11  +   949d ago
its N4G

easiest way to block these is to not come to this site unfortunately.

I would also suggest not paying too much attention to the articles with high degrees, as those tend to be flamebait articles.
cyguration  +   949d ago
I assume you don't like DLC news either? (Not a troll question, I honestly want to know)

You do know that DLC is nothing more than paid-for mods, right? Most modders from back in the Quake/Doom days are now working for many dev teams as map makers and scripters. You do know that right?

Would you like news "like this" blocked if it was Bethesda announcing you could play Lightning in Skyrim as opposed to some guy you never heard of?

Besides you can play her for free as opposed to paying like $5 to play Robin in Batman Arkham City (which was also top front page news here on N4G).
-Gespenst-  +   949d ago
I totally agree. However it's too cool a mod to ignore, especially if you're an FF fan like myself (and many others)
DivineHand125  +   950d ago
would have been nice if kotaku actually included the download link to that mod or a link to the site hosting that mod so we can know if its real or not.
jrbeerman11  +   949d ago
google skyrim nexus
Spenok  +   950d ago
Coke-a-Cola  +   950d ago
As a console player I am beginning for the first time to feel really left out .
The mod community is doing some really COOL things . Might have to go
PC soon .
jrbeerman11  +   949d ago
wait until the creation kit gets released, the amount added to oblivion was staggering.
GezForce  +   949d ago
i took the plunge last week and bought an gtx580... skyrim bf3 and witcher 2 look bloody fantastic!.. all compatible with 360 controller too. consoles are starting to get stale. skyrim and bf3 are proof that this generation is on its last legs... the difference in visual fidelity and fps is quite staggering!. And dont get me started on the mod community..just pure awesome :]
i love my consoles, but it sure is good to back to where it all started.. a pcgamer
Lavalamp  +   949d ago
Those swords look pretty slick.
InTheLab  +   949d ago
After killing one of Skyrim's deadly dragons, I'm sure she was promptly eaten by a random bear.
-Gespenst-  +   949d ago
THAT IS SO AWESOME! The swords too... wow.

Edit: Why that outfit though? Is that something you can wera in Skyrim?
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gypsygib  +   949d ago
This is probably the only person who doesn't have horrible looking hair.
Kos-Mos  +   949d ago
Looking a million, billion, gazillion times better than those fugly original women in skyrim, and every western rpg. Why do the Japanese create more lifelike and beautiful characters compared to the generic western? WHY? They have a better understanding of art and humanity OF COURSE!
CoLD FiRE  +   949d ago
And every male character they make always looks like a depressed ultra feminine emo teenager with half of their faces covered by their hair.
Lannient  +   949d ago
@Kos-Mos I definitely agree with you for the most part, americans do tend to create very generic characters. I think its because they tend to be very close minded, like cold fires comment, they refuse to accept anything that isn't ultra manly. Pretty boys get girls man regardless if you guys like to hate on them or not. I'm american also(not a close minded one) but I'm just saying. I like blending all styles when It comes to creating characters in any game I play. But mostly style after the japanese, 2 examples http://oi43.tinypic.com/110... oblivion
http://oi41.tinypic.com/312... apb
I wish more americans would try to open up a little to other cultures when it comes to styling their characters in games. A mix between all can be very beautiful
Kos-Mos  +   948d ago
You know Japanese art is a mix of western and eastern. They combine many times in my opinion the best of both. After World War 2 the japanese started to be influenced by usa, but people don`t accept difference or maybe just don`t understand(being close-mninded). That`s why I love to provoke, even though it`s silly.
I see you worked on those characters. I really would like to have Lighting as my main :)
CoLD FiRE  +   948d ago
First of all, I'm not American. Second, I've watched enough anime and played enough Japanese games that the emo look has become very generic to me. Now it's like all Japanese game and anime characters look exactly the same which becomes tiresome to watch.

I have nothing against feminine looking boys. Actually, I myself not exactly the manliest looking guy. All I'm saying is that we need more different looking characters in games.
Lannient  +   948d ago
"I have nothing against feminine looking boys" > "And every male character they make always looks like a depressed ultra feminine emo teenager with half of their faces covered by their hair." No offense but, thats definitely the way you presented yourself.
TronEOL  +   949d ago
That'd be sick to play as her on the console version. Easily my second favorite Final Fantasy character.

Also, I think more developers need to do what Epic did for UT3 on PS3. Seems to be the only developer that can put a console game on the market with PC-made mod support. Surprising, too. Didn't expect Epic to do something like that for the PS3.
KzXy  +   949d ago
Any chance of us seeing this mod pop up in Skyrim Nexus or another mod site? Because so far this looks to be a Japan-only thing. :(
Lannient  +   949d ago
I think it may, eventually. I'm still playing oblivion with some japanese mods, they usually find them, and bring them to the american site. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
actually, its probably out there somewhere, you just gotta look for it.
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