Dark Sector: Better than you think - GamePro's preview

Everything you need to know about Dark Sector in an easy-to-read listicle format. PS3 vs. Xbox 360, bosses, Glaive combat, infected powers, and multiplayer modes revealed.

The first level of Dark Sector is entirely in black and white. The infected are being transported to a small island off the coast of Lasria for containment, and Hayden is dropped on the fictional Alcatraz to eliminate an internal informant who has been compromised by the virus.

Dark Sector is coming out for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2008. GamePro noticed little difference between the two versions until inputs were switched back and forth on the television to reveal slightly muddier textures on the PS3 version. Other than that the framerates were silky smooth on both.

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mighty_douche3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

but from what ive seen i dont think this visually that far behind gears. i think they've done another good job with epic's fantasic engine. All the info's got me quite excited about this.

oh and lets try not to cum in our pants over "slightly muddier textures on the PS3 version".
this games got no attention so dont act like this is something special all of a sudden.

cheers TNS nice post.

Loopy3906d ago

If someone cum in his pants because of muddier textures, it would actually mean that he'd get excited on sprites instead of a beautiful naked woman rubbing against his body...

Laexerias3907d ago

than i think? It must be awesome! I loved the Game from beginning! :D
D3 is great! <3

solar3907d ago

muddied graphics? blah they can fix that no problem :D but with the way that Gamepro has been throwing around super great reviews like they are going outta style....they are kinda losing some cred with me. but hey, this game has me intrigued :D

gw4k3907d ago

Gamespot. I think I will read about games from another source.

Polluted3907d ago

It's actually from so I think you're good. Gamespot is owned by CNET. Gamepro says it's owned by IDG entertainment...whatever that is.

Rhezin3907d ago

well if you don't like the muddiness just wait for RE5

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