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Barry from Australian Gamer checks out the DLC for Battlefield 3 and lets you know if it is worth the money!

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scrambles2348d ago

B2K Maps > Vanilla BF3. Please people stop playing Operation Corridor, Seine Crossing, Grande Bazaar, and Damavande Peak. In fact just play pure B2K servers. We NEED more maps of this style. Do NOT make dice think you want more OP Metros i will cry for Battlefield if it happens.

MariaHelFutura2348d ago

They're all great maps, IMO. The only thing i would change on any map is on Metro there should be 3 entrances to the middle on both sides. Right now one has 3 and one has 2.

Hufandpuf2348d ago

Metro is fun to me only on RUSH. TDM and conquest are horrible on Op Metro. I agree with UninformedInformer, B2K maps (The tried and true Battlefield maps) are FAR superior to the vanilla maps. The only BF3 map I like is Kharg Island.

scrambles2348d ago

yes we need more maps made purely out of choke points...

MariaHelFutura2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I think Metro and Grand Baazar are the only maps with "choke points" and you/I can get through them w/ a little teamwork or smoke does a great job too. Plus, 2 of 9 maps have "choke points" so... I think you kinda complaining a bit. BF3 is a great game and has one of the best scoring systems of any MP game. IMO.

IaMs122348d ago


I agree but the problem is i have rarely found people who work together as a team to push through situations. Everyone just 1 man armies their way through it all.

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Spitfire_Riggz2348d ago

Im gonna be completely honest with you..

After playing B2k maps almost 100% of the time I began CRAVING Operation Metro, grand bazaar, seine crossing and damavande.

Those EXACT maps I had filtered on the browser. I guess sometimes you just want close quarter combat

Blastoise2347d ago

Operation metro and grand bazaar are my two favourite levels actually

chaldo2348d ago

Seine Crossing is my favorite map. haven't got back to karkand yet tho.

barrymcbruce2348d ago

I recommend you pick it up dude, the new maps are pretty dam awesome, especially if you have played the previous games - so much nostalgia moments!