tri-Ace helped develop Final Fantasy XIII-2

Gematsu: "tri-Ace, developer of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile franchises, aided Square Enix in development on Final Fantasy XIII-2."

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xtheownerzx2346d ago

That is great news, looking very forward to the game. Just one more month.

pedo_across-the-road2346d ago

Maybe their training themselves to make Resonance of Fate 2 a better game.

sashimi2346d ago

Resonance of Fate, good game, not as hard as the media made it out to be though lol.

WildArmed2346d ago

Agreed, the combat was really fun. The story wasn't as interesting/paced out as I'd hope thou.

Loved RoF <3

NovusTerminus2346d ago

RoF is one of my favorite games this gen! (As you can tell)

Pozzle2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I agree. I thought reviews were far too hard on it, despite it being a solid game with great characters. (I can't help but think Resonance of Fate would have gotten better reviews and more attention if it was called "Final Fantasy".) RoF was a genuinely good RPG.

gigreen2346d ago

By learning from someone who made a worse game? This doesn't make sense...

Resonance of Fate is, along with Valkyria Chronicles, one of the best SRPGs this gen btw. So tri-Ace's contribution can only make XIII-2 much better than XIII.

ZombieAssassin2346d ago

Valkyrie Profile not Chronicles, that's SEGA's game I think...good game though.

Disccordia2346d ago

I think he was just stating that chronicles was a good game along with RoF

D3mons0ul2346d ago

Maybe you should induct them permanently SE. You seem to need all the help you can get, outside of Nomura's team that is.

iamtehpwn2346d ago

With Nomura's team taking 6 years on Versus XIII, I'd argue they need quite a bit of help if anyone does. lol.

adorie2346d ago

and with FFXIII's team needing help from Nomuras team at one time, that leaves me to question the validity of your argument.

iamtehpwn2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

"and with FFXIII's team needing help from Nomuras team at one time, that leaves me to question the validity of your argument. "

Yes, and other than that, Nomura's team hasn't put out a single game in years. Even the recent Kingdom Hearts Game haven't been done by Nomura's team, they're developed by other teams despite Nomura designing them. That's the validity of my argument.

forevercloud30002346d ago

Only cuz they kepts taking all of Versus's staff to help the other games along. Versus prob had 5 people working on it at any given time of FFXIII's actual development due to it being so far behind schedule. Thank god they are finally done with all the others so they can concentrate on the best sounding one out of the entire lot :/

D3mons0ul2346d ago

It JUST went into full production, they haven't been working on it for the full 6 years. They announced it much earlier than they should have.

Disccordia2346d ago

While its true that it's only been in FULL production for a year they've still had trailers out for years and they were pretty decent. The gameplay trailer from a year ago even looked quite polished so obviously a number of people have been workingon it all this time.

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DonaldBeck2346d ago

i hope it turns out good.

_Aarix_2346d ago

Yea im looking forward to play this on my xbox 360.

chadwarden2346d ago

Lol I bet all the people that disagreed with you did so because you said "on my xbox 360"

Hicken2346d ago

Mostly because it was completely unnecessary. I didn't agree OR disagree, but adding that little bit was silly, and attempt at fanning flames that, so far, haven't spread. I hope your attempt fails.

_Aarix_2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )


All i said was i was looking forward to getting this game on my 360 if you make something more out if that very vague statement then thats your damn fault not mine.

Genecalypse2346d ago

hmm thats strange, i wonder how much they did

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