Kojima Productions Podcast 069

Information on the development progress of MGS4 on a table with Konami insiders. They also talk about the difference in the markets and the current state of gaming.

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Bill Gates3941d ago


"MGS4 is coming to the 360".....What a bunch of XBOT BABOONS!!...AAAHAHHHHA

achira3941d ago

if there would be no ms propaganda in north ameraica, the ps3 would now be the only one console, without games. i think even the bs propaganda wont help ms. 2008 will be a desperate year for them, but be prepared, that all ps3 games will get bashed without reasons. sad but true. i hope that not all americans are dumb idiots, and realize that the ps3 is a far better console, in any respect. i think its the same like with bush, at first everyone wanted to go to irak, now everyone blames bush for it. the same will happen here.

darkvenom3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

i'm an American and i think the 2008 PS3 heavy hitters are going to kick a$$,and i can't wait when Bush finally is out of the white house. PsWIi60 FTW!