Fanboys Are Stalking GameStop UPS Drivers for Wii Deliveries

Some GameStops are no longer getting specific information regarding their next Wii shipments. Apparently overzealous shoppers are searching for Wiis with such ferocity that they've been stalking UPS drivers-Kotaku uses that word only semi-loosely-as they've figured out delivery routes well enough to anticipate drop offs and harass UPS drivers beforehand.

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osirisomeomi3940d ago

Everywhere I live, there are tons and tons of Wiis. Seems no one wants them.

cooke153940d ago

Guess you live in another dimension. Where is it that you live? My roommate has been trying to find out in stores for weeks.

Polluted3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I had to wait outside Future Shop three days in a row in the snow for hours and I still couldn't get one. We left Future Shop once after the guy had said the shipment hadn't arrived yet. On the way home a courier truck passed us going towards Future Shop...we turned around. No luck.
Then my girlfriend gets a call from a friend of hers who works at a grocery store. 15 minutes later I had a wii in hand and a $25.00 grocery gift certificate for my troubles. Guess I lucked out. That's two years in a row I was able to grab a wii for Christmas.

razer3940d ago

had 8 this morning.. Still were 2 left at lunchtime.. all gone now.

If people actually played the thing I doubt many of them would be camping out for it. It's great fun for an evening then it's just plain annoying. A buddy actually let me borrow his for a month because he didn't care about it much anymore.. After a few days I can completely see why.

cooke153940d ago

thats great.. maybe try a game other than Wii sports. Id be pretty bored of PS3 if i only played Lair.

rofldings3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Please, wii games are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse.

$1,000 budgets = escape from bug island, m&m's racing, etc. amirite?

cooke153940d ago

Yeah because when i buy a game for Wii i try my hardest to find the worst ones to justify my hate for the console :| makes perfect sense.

rofldings3940d ago

"thats great.. maybe try a game other than Wii sports. Id be pretty bored of PS3 if i only played Lair. "

Really? Makes perfect sense - pick one of the worst titles for the PS3.

Okay. Go and play Uncharted, Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, CoD4, Warhawk, etc.

Polluted3940d ago

@cooke15: Dude, the wii is great for kids. Really, it's a godsend. If I'm looking for a game for my kid, I can just grab some crap off the shelf with an "E" rating on it and chances are the kid will love it. For me, though...and for most gamers out there, the selection of games available on the wii is seriously limited. There's Metroid, Wii Sports for when you're drunk and maybe Mario if you're one of those Mario people. That's it. If I didn't have a kid, there's no way I'd bother having a wii in my home.

Filanime033940d ago

Razer I agree with u if people will probably play it for at least 2 weeks they would probably get sick of playing. I also bought a Wii last february and I regret it. The only game I have is Resident evil 4 and Wii play if u count that. I use to have wario and dbz tenkaichi but I got tired of it. I bought in to the the hype and the only game that preventing me on selling my Wii to Ebay is Super smash brawl.

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Voozi3940d ago

Well when my mom went to Delaware on black friday (we're from New Jersey) to do Christmas shopping cause there's no tax there, I asked her if she saw any Wii's there and she told me there was alot if you're looking for a Wii, go to Delaware lol

Imallvol73940d ago

why does this have to be fanboys. its probably awesome parents who want to have a great Christmas for their child. Or bad parents who are getting it because their child demanded it.

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