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Uncharted: Golden Abyss VS Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Comparison

"Well, there were a lot of comparisons about the Uncharted 3 out there before, for example (Uncharted 3 downgrade, history, and E3), but this time is different." (PS Vita, PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Uncharted: Golden Abyss)

"What’s your thoughts? Which ones are your hero, PS3 Uncharted 3 or PS Vita Uncharted: Golden Abyss?"

inveni0  +   850d ago
Vita looks just a tad worse than U3's split-screen multiplayer.
Ult iMate  +   850d ago
Wow! A game of the first wave for a handheld device has worse graphics against the game that got "The best graphics 2011" for stationary console. Who would have thought!
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pr0digyZA  +   850d ago
@Ult no need to be so sarcastic he was actually paying the game a compliment.
tigertron  +   850d ago
GA compared to UC3's campaign is silly because UC3 is miles better. HOWEVER, when compared to UC3's multiplayer, I actually think GA looks better. The graphical downgrade in the multiplayer is unforgivable.

Also, @ RedHotChiliPepaSpray,

it used to be silly comparing hand held games to consoles, but we're now at a point where handhelds can now be compared. Thats how powerful the Vita is - and I'm proud of Sony for this.
inveni0  +   850d ago
I was paying Vita a huge compliment. UC3 split screen looks pretty good (though it's no match for single player), and coming close, especially for a handheld, is a good thing.

Don't always assume the negative out of what people say...it doesn't flatter you...
Ult iMate  +   850d ago
I wanted to say, that they should compare GA with the first Uncharted to be fair.
If you look at what Sony Bend did in graphics department for PSP in Dark Mirror -> Logan's Shadow -> Resistance Retribution, I'm pretty you can imagine, what they can achieve in their next game for PSV.
comparing a handheld game to a console game? yeahh why not
Spenok  +   850d ago
It is a little silly, but its still valid as its the same franchise.

And as was expected the console version looks way ahead of Vita. However Vita still puts off some amazing visuals.

Cant wait to pick this up asap!
SilentNegotiator  +   850d ago
I don't think it's silly. I know which is going to "win", but I still think it's interesting to see how the handheld stands up in comparison.
GribbleGrunger  +   850d ago
i agree, i don't think it's silly to compare. it just shows how close the Vita comes to it's fully fledged console version... and remember this is only a 1st gen game on the Vita. i wouldn't mind betting that 3rd gen games will look every bit as good as UC2, and that would be phenomenal
JellyJelly  +   849d ago
More like comparing a brand new handheld to a six year old console. Just saying.
user858621  +   850d ago
Would make more sense to compare it with drakes fortune seeing as they're so similar
NiKK_419  +   850d ago
yeah, that would make a lot more sense.
DonaldBeck  +   850d ago
g a looks amazing, but uncharted 3 takes the cake.
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JamieLeeC93  +   850d ago
This is ridiculous.
Akiba96  +   850d ago
Obviously Golden Abyss doesnt look as good, but its still pretty damn impressive.
blaze22-qwerty  +   850d ago
Uncharted 3 have better graphics for sure but uncharted:golden abyss have a mind blowing graphics campared to other handled games
blaze22-qwerty  +   850d ago
I still cant imagine what uncharted 4 will look like if it's released on Next-Gen Consoles
arabiensoldier  +   850d ago
ginsunuva  +   850d ago
Uc2 already looks better than real life. Not more detailed - but more aesthetically pleasing.
RurouniKaze  +   850d ago
SoapShoes  +   850d ago
I'd say these screens probably don't work. The UC3 screens are downsized and the Vita ones look slightly blown up, skewing the comparison. I'm sure UC3 looks the best but on a Vita screen are you going to notice a difference? Probably not much. It seems to me to be more in line with Drakes Fortune.
ninjahunter  +   850d ago
Ugh, I dont think people get the idea that this is probably a comparison and not a which is better. People spending too much time on lens of truth.
Silly gameAr  +   850d ago
I thought this was a Gamingbolt comparison based on the headline.
Kran  +   850d ago
Golden Abyss seems to go back to the Uncharted 1/Uncharted 2 visuals. Uncharted 3 looks undoubtedly better
Pintheshadows  +   850d ago
They could just post pictures of Golden Abyss and i'd be happy. It's a handheld for fraks sake.
IHateYouFanboys  +   850d ago
how about actually using in-game screen captures of Uncharted 3 and trying again?

out of all the U3 pics, only 1 is in-game gameplay, the rest are cutscenes with higher LOD models etc.
DigitalAnalog  +   850d ago
What are you talking about?
I can find 3 that are in-game 2 from gameplay and 1 is obviously from multiplayer (notice the zip line).
Hicken  +   850d ago
Don't mind him. He's just making his usual troll rounds.

On topic, for some reason, I'm not excited for Golden Abyss like I am for Gravity Rush, but the game still looks amazing.
fuckoffodion  +   849d ago
Yea, don't mind him. IHYF is an idiot and hates himself. He's on suicide watch. I personally don't care.
DialgaMarine  +   850d ago
People tend to forget how much better Uncharted 3 looks than Uncharted 1, despite the fact that both are using the same engine running on the same hardware. As developers learn a new hardware architecture, games will begin to look better and better. There's nothing saying that UC:GA is the best a Vita can pump out. Based on how good UC:GA looks, I can honestly see a future UC on Vita looking as good as UC3 or even possibly better.
j-blaze  +   850d ago
that hideous face!
phinch  +   850d ago
uncharted 3 has taken years of pratice on the ps3 to get it right, for a release game, id say this game looks dam fantastic and can't wait to see what they produce in years to come
bobrea  +   850d ago
It's pretty amazing what they've been able to pull out of this portable system and these are only launch games. Anyone who says otherwise is, just being stupid. The Vita is a cool piece of hardware.
Frankfurt  +   850d ago
Geasr 3 multiplayer looks just as good as single-player. UC3 multiplayer looks like garbage. I guess it's the power of fixed camera and "cinematic", limited gameplay.
Silly gameAr  +   850d ago
Maybe you should actually play the game so you can see how full of crap you really are. You're not convincing anyone that knows better.
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Kungfue  +   850d ago
Luckily gears 3 graphics looks trash compared to Uncharted 3 so it looking equal on SP and MP isn't really an achievement....
death2smoochie  +   850d ago
Actually Gears 3 graphics look pretty good in comparison to Uncharted 3.
Obviously you never played Gears 3.
Bobets  +   849d ago
Actually gears 3 looks crap in comparison to Uncharted 3 you obviously never played Uncharted 3 you wish you can tho too bad 360 cant produce such graphics.
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TopDudeMan  +   849d ago
Uncharted 3 looks better, obviously, but what were you expecting?
El Nino  +   849d ago
Uncharted 3 looks better, but thats no suprise and shouldnt take anything away from UC Golden Abyss. Some games released this generation on PS3 and 360 respectively dont look as good as Golden Abyss, plus the OLED screen will actually do it justice unlike these shots.
aquamala  +   849d ago
Why are people surprised a 2011 handheld can be more/as powerful as the 6 year old ps3?
Hicken  +   849d ago
First, the PS3 is only 5, not six.

Second, unless you're talking relative power (how powerful it is for a handheld, as compared to how powerful the PS3 is as a home console) there really sin't that much of a comparison.

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