90°'s Ten best games of 2007 has published a list of what it believes are the years best games.

It's a pretty unsurprising list, except for one notable omission.

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MK_Red3790d ago

WTF is PGR4 doing there? Or Skate?
Where are:
The Orange Box / Portal, Rock Band (WTF, GH3 is doing there?), Zack & Wiki, Metroid Prime 3, Crysis, Ratchet & Clank TOP, UT3, God Of War 2, AC...
Sure, there are many good games to fill a top 10 BUT when a list that has Skate, RE4 Wii and Guitar Hero 3 instead of ones mentioned above, it's clear to me that they must have been high or something.

ChickeyCantor3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

why is this so upsetting!!!?
its "'s Ten best games of 2007"

I cant even believe these types of articles are being approved!!
its pointless !! people just get upset for someones opinion!

tony3790d ago

you are right. where is the orange box or the darkness?

MK_Red3789d ago

sidar, I know what you mean but you also know how I sometimes get upset about every review score and opinion that doesn't match mine even though I try to be open minded :)

Still, it's really wrong to have GH3 but not Rock Band. Also, The Orange Box should be in any best of 2007 list. No IMO, it's a fact ;)

Xbox is the BEST3790d ago

of those games can be had on the 360.

mighty_douche3790d ago

i find that list to be nothing short of meh....

uxo223790d ago

This list serves only one purpose for the makers of it. And that's to get a rise out of people that feels Halo3, R/C should be on that list instead of some of those they chose.

The funny thing is, being that no one cares what their taste is anyway, they're getting no responses...self owning.

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