IGN Interviews Grand Theft Auto IV Developer; New Info

IGN writes: "The year is almost out, which means it's the season for giving (and receiving). Rockstar Games has decided to let us unwrap its present to the world a little early with the release of the third full trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV. To coincide with its release, we fired off a number of questions to the publisher/developer to get a little more insight on the trailer. Here's what we've learned".

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lynx1halo3730d ago

and not been tainted and held back by the Xbox360's lower standards ...truly

aaquib53730d ago

The game could have been gigantic if Rockstar used the storage of Bluray. Either ways, they'll be creating an amazing game, and I can't wait!

HeartlesskizZ3730d ago

Well, I as a gamer don't like exclusives at all and that is why I used to own both NG such as Mass Effect and Uncharted should both be experience by both sides of fans...

But when it comes to games that were born on 1 console such as MGS and Halo to name a few..those games should be kept exclusives...

now GTA series is one of the best series on the PS2 and making the game for 360 made it lost lots of quality as the big game it is.

just like DMC4 was so hype as an exclusive then went down after it turn MP.

anyways ill buy the game because R* is one of those developers that no matter how big is the OCEAN they will cross over it by taking everything to the next level...GTA4 will be a game we never played confident on that =)

aaquib53730d ago

Im down for 360 getting to at least play the game, but IMO Rockstar should have atleast utilized Bluray as their lead storage medium, and then created multiple discs for 360. They're getting the game anyways, and I don't think any 360 owner would mind having 2 or 3 discs if it meant a superior game.

hizzy7863730d ago

the graphics will look better when you are playing the game on the ps3 or xbot360 on a HD tv. you cant judge a games graphics by watching a trailer on your pc's we have to wait to play and then we can slag it off but i know people are going to be loving this and still end up buying it.

plus most of this is cutscene's i hope there is more trailers

im sure see we that crooked cop Francis McCreary shoutin "i aint askin ya im tellin ya do it ..."

"body check...paper..check thats how we roll"

looks like the russians are gonna be some crazy hard mo-fo's
the combat system system looks off the hook the sound effects and all of that blood

all i can say is WiCKED!!!!!!!!!

i hope the story line is even longer then gta san andreas im just hoping it not a short story not that gta have ever had a short story line but the next gen games that are already out can be completed within 10-15 hours. I hope GTA4 has a 100hour storyline becuase the developers are saying the game feels more like a tv series then a movie so it must be long,

MattFoley3730d ago

To the guys above me given each other reach arounds Vice City was by far better graphically on Xbox then Ps2 and San Andreas was equal, so why would you think that 360 is hindering the game. They will both be great either way you get to play.

THX71683728d ago

Pretty sure that is because the Xbox versions of those games came out months after the PS2 versions. More development time most likely equals better graphics in some situations.

I don't know if GTA IV is being developed for a console and ported to the other but I hope not. Infinity Ward was smart in developing Call of Duty 4 simultaneously for each console. Ports never work out too well.