How Smart (or Dumb) Are You? Gaming Blogs Ranked by Reading Skill Level

According to the Blog Readability Test, here's how smart (or dumb) you are provided you read any of the following popular gaming blogs:

• Kotaku: Junior High
• Destructoid: Junior High
• Junior High
• GayGamer: Junior High
• MTV Multiplayer: Junior High
• Game|Life: High School
• Slashdot: High School
• Joystiq: College
• Level Up: Genius
• Ars Technica: Genius

Game|Life explains how the readability test works and has a link to the test site.

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MK_Red3907d ago

Kudos to Joystiq for beating Kotaku and Destructoid.
Level Up and Ars Technica are the top of class :)

MyNutsYourChin3907d ago

They forgot N4G: Grade school

MK_Red3907d ago

Did you even read the article? It was aboud BLOGS. You do know what blogs are, right? N4G is a news site NOT a blog.

mccomber3907d ago

Working in advertising, the general (possibly unofficial) rule for copywriting was to reach an audience with an elementary school reading level. I've heard it's similar for most newspapers. Scary thing is, that's the average reading level for the US

The way this thing works is likely by analyzing sentence length, number of syllables per word and possibly overall vocabulary. It doesn't really say much about how well written any of it is, or even what education level it's aimed at; just a purely technical count of how hard a computer thinks it is to understand.

Rice3907d ago


Skerj3907d ago

Destructoid's freaking hilarious, but I do prefer Ars Technica over the rest.

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