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HeartlesskizZ3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Nice I love it =) Im want to play this ASAP..
for those who bash the graphics here is a slap to the face from R*

Anybody else laugh at the last part? "since you put it that way...Im in" =D

Is fun,funny,epic,outstanding...s hould I keep going? OMG I love it.

eLiNeS3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

It should have said, "since you put it that way...I will get the full game on Xbox 360 FTW"

Kleptic3850d ago

you are so awesome elines...keep it up...we respect you...

rofldings3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

"since you put it that way ... I'll get the game on PS3, so I can play it more than 2 hours without overheating/rrod/death/rape.&q uot;

Mario183850d ago

Yeah, that was a great part of the trailer
It should have said, "since you put it that way...I will get the full game on PS3, because if I get it on 360, I won't be able to play it because it'll red ring on me."

Anego Montoya FTMFW3850d ago

i`m pretty sure KLEPTIC was being sarcastic.

lynx1halo3850d ago

i can see the disagrees coming now but.......sure this looks nice in the cut scenes.....BUT CAN I SEE SOME ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOR THIS GAME THAT HOPEFULLY DOESNT LOOK LAST GEN PLEASE??????????????????

eLiNeS3850d ago

the funny part is you will never get the FULL game on the PofS3 but nice try. And another thing, I would rather have the RROD problem that I know will be covered for 3 years then a delaystation with no games, no rummble, all ports are washed out, delayed, you name it the PofS 3 has it.

Dream Beyond because it's on the Xbox 360 NOW!!!

Radiomorph3850d ago

Don't start that crap again. What's wrong with you people?!

HarryEtTubMan3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

That's really okay.... you take GTA 4 with extra content and as a PS3 owner... I will take GTA 4 and also the 2 Rockstar PS3 EXCLUSIVES: L.A. Noire and The untitled wild west PS3 prodject made by Rockstar. PWND little douche. Xbox fans are SOOO DESPERATE to try and compete with the better system that will be out way longer. You guys have no more exclusives so u try to use anything you can to try to make your console seem better. Guess what... u have never got a Rockstar exclusive and probally never will. OOOOooOoOo I forgot about wait... that was on PS2. HAHA LOSERS. GET PWND. PS3 FOR THE WIN.PS3 GETS GTA4 AND 2 ROCKSTAR EXCLUSIVES. THAT IS THE TRUTH BOTS.

Also I think the graphics for this will be good but remember.... GTA4 is multiplatform. I can't wait to see L.A. Noire which is supposedly HUGE and has beautiful graphics. I can't wait.

XerockX3849d ago

good to see I wasn't the only one thinking that the graphix suck!
You didn't say it,but you did-if you know what I mean ;)

eLiNeS3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

All the AAA games are on the 360 so whatever exclusives you get will never out do what we have already got or will be getting down the road. And L.A. Noire is not going to be a PofS3 exclusive, take a look at Bondi's website it says: Platform - Next Generation Consoles (with an "S") So just keep Dreaming Beyond suckers!!!!

No matter how you slice it, Xbox 360 FTW!!!!!!!!!

mark093849d ago

finally we can play as a foreigner, it should be alot more exciting

Scrooge3849d ago

I havent been to this site in forever, and I see you all are still using the RROD comeback. Im not an Xbot, but isnt that getting old? Is that all you got? Whatever, keep fighting consloe kiddies, Im a PC gamer.

dhammalama3849d ago

PS360 FTW! This games gonna be sweet!

rofldings3849d ago


They must have not updated their site, but it's confirmed it's a PS3 exclusive - in fact - the reason for these 2 new exclusive games for PS3 from R* _IS_ the reason Sony let GTA4 go multiplatform. So let's review...

M$ = pays $50 million for 2 episodic content + making GTA4 multiplatform

Sony = pays $0 for GTA4 + 2 new IPs for R*.

Who wins?

Mwaan3849d ago

Coke is better than Pepsi.

D R I N K B 3 Y O N D

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SmokeyMcBear3850d ago

holy jesus i want to play this game...

japanese_dawn3849d ago

Anyways, hope it will be very good game on all platforms, GTA FTW!

MrSwede3850d ago

The's on again! I want this now!

Xbrainer3849d ago

did the hype really ever leave?

mesh13849d ago

the hype only ended for the tiny gaming community called the ps3 owners when they found the 360 was the lad platform ,but don't worry ps3 owners are not gamers they troll forums 24/7 game devs don't acknowledge them they have no moving power unlike th 360 fans who actually by software and have control over devs .

Devilbringer3850d ago

Next gen Gta ;D im Loveing it allready

Dlacy13g3850d ago

for all the haters failed. this game looks good and sounds even better. Looks like its going to be a bit more story driven this time which I welcome.