How to find the best PSP eBay bargains this Christmas

The screen may be wide but the selection is narrow.

The dreaded day continues to close apace. Surely it's only a matter of time until Fiona Bruce turns up on the Ten O'Clock News, half-cut, wearing a lopsided Santa hat and grinning even more broadly than usual? At least until she's chased around the studio by Huw Edwards avec mistletoe during the weather break. In the new-look BBC, even its Christmas party is webcast for our viewing pleasure. Still, you'd do well to beware that curled lip, Fiona.

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PS3 Limps on and on3907d ago

ebay is smart business for sellers above all else. Everything sells for what it's worth. That's why it's an auction.

ElementX3907d ago

What a lame article. Also, Ebay is a rip off. Sure the prices of the items are low, but they charge $12 for shipping and when you get the package, the postage label says $3.25. I don't shop ebay anymore. I use, sure it's by Ebay but people use media mail shipping.

mighty_douche3907d ago


HomeBrew is amazing. but you probably dont know about that.

Marceles3907d ago

definite n00b. how to find the best psp ebay bargain? find a 1-4 gb memory stick cheaper than retail. it'll be the best investment you've ever done, homebrewers know what i'm talking about...

mighty_douche3907d ago

also good for "Pandora's Battery and Memory Stick" if you have the new slim, its needed to run custom firmware on them.

EDIT: you probably know that but someone else might not.