Good Old-fashioned Ultra Violence: No More Heroes Hands-on

GameSpy reports:
"There's something to be said for a healthy gallon or five of spurting digital blood. No More Heroes features more of the red stuff than any other game we've seen in a long time, along with decapitations, limb-severing and punchy one-liners. But we really shouldn't be expecting anything else (or less) from the twisted mind of Japanese outfit Grasshopper Manufacture, spearheaded by one of the more interesting front man in the insutry: Goichi "Suda 51" Suda.

No More Hereos is an all-out action tale of doing what it takes to become the number-one assassin in the world. Our hero, Travis Touchdown, apparently starts off as number 11 on the illustrious list of the world's most elite contract killers. It's the very simple objective of the player to guide him to the top by hunting down and eviscerating the other 10 hit- men and women. We've spent time with an early localized build of the game and so far we like what we've seen."

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cooke153876d ago

This game looks bloody awsome :)

Skerj3876d ago

Game looks sweet as hell, my only gripe is with the stiff animations Travis has when he swings.

Kareshi_X3875d ago

I'll be Getting My Hands on This One Soon

wiizy3875d ago

cant wait for this game

lawler3875d ago

It's gonna be a winner. Killer7 was just the best.