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How to create Potions in Skyrim

There is plenty to craft in Elder Scroll V:Skyrim like weapon smithing,crafting and alchemy but its not as easy as it looks you need to explore a lot and experiment a lot in order to make interesting and powerful potions that could enhance your skills a lot and poisons to weaken your enemies.
Alchemy guide for beginners:
1.Alchemy helps you to create some powerful potions and poisons which helps you to enhance your mana,stamina and life and poisons helps you to weaken your enemies so alchemy helps a lot in skyrim.
2.For Alchemy you must have the required ingredients and an alchemy table.You have to combine different ingredients and check which potion you can make with them.
3.Alchemy requires alchemy knowledge for this you have to learn alchemy skills and read books of alchemy.
4.Alchemy requires three things (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

Mr PS3  +   1294d ago
I just need a potion to get that god damm arrow out my knee
CKsquid  +   1294d ago
In soviet Russia I took a knee to my arrow.
Jeebus  +   1294d ago
The cake is a lie.

Oh, we weren't just posting overdone memes?
banjadude  +   1293d ago
I'm currently playing on Expert difficulty, and due to my hoarding issues, I haven't used a single potion yet. I have a ton stored up in chests, containers, etc.

I thought to myself, well I could always make some of my own potions and use those... but NOOOOO, I keep delaying it. I'm now about 90 hours into the game, and I still haven't done any of the things I mentioned
cyclops007  +   1293d ago
Alchemy is one of the best thing of Skyrim,make potions that restore health and stamina.Well,I like one potion that provides invisibility.

This is one of the useful potion of the game.
Mr_Awais  +   1293d ago
well i use this guide for making potions.....(*_*)
MR_Y  +   1293d ago
Potion making is much easier due to this Guide

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