Gran Turismo 5: The Reason to Justify PS3

The newer version of the game GamesRadar's played is only a very small portion of what Sony's cooking up, but for racing nuts and series fans, it's pretty astonishing. If there's anyone out there that still needs a reason to justify the cash they dropped on the PS3 (Heavenly Sword notwithstanding), this will most certainly be it.

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PS3 Limps on and on3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

just one of the many reasons to Justify a PS3 next year.

All I'm saying is that the PS3 has a lot of games in 2008 that would push you to buy the console. GT5 is only one of them.

I don't get why anyone would disagree unless they were 360 fans.

toughNAME3940d ago

but that statement makes 4 million plus people look really stupid

SmokeyMcBear3940d ago

the ps3 needs not justification.. it is pure luxury baby. That and the fact that i wanted to play GOW 2 and my ps2 was under best buys warranty.. lo and behold 450 dollar ps3 last february. That and the simple fact I got a head start on having 100 dvd's available on an external hdd.. justifcation my @ss

sonarus3940d ago

fanboyism aside you cnt help but admire GT5 unless offcourse you have no interest in cars or racing games. I knw the die hard forza fans out there will look the other way deep dwn they cnt help but wished their game looked this good. At the end of the day however its not jst looks i recently got forza til this point i had only played the demo but sum1 got me a 360 4 xmas that came with forza and ultimate alliance. (i already had one but the person didnt knw so am gonna keep the games and sell ma older 360 lol so i have a fresh 1 already having issues wit it anyway)> Forza is great and then i like the d pad functions where you can check the status of ur car in the race that really impressed me. overall i still prefer the way gran turismo plays cus am more used to that (i play a lot of the prologue demo). Visually forza dosent hold a candle to gt, its not even close.

PS3PCFTW3940d ago

hmmmmmmmmm i have about 5 times as many reasons now.

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MK_Red3940d ago

MGS4, FFXIII, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet and GT5: At least 5 reasons for me :)

Bebedora3940d ago

Add Ratchet and Uncharted to that list.

Naruto3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

GT5, FFXIII, FF VS XIII, Killzone 2,LBP, UNCHARTED, FOLKLORE, White Knight Story, R&C, HS, and Disgaea 3 are my reasons

Bebedora3940d ago

but it's a h'll of a concept. It's just plain awesome. I wish I was better at tactical games like these though. Feels like I am stolen off a good experience.

Big Jim3940d ago

Do you guys really like Folklore? The PS3 has plenty of awesome games coming in 2008 that you can brag about without having to shove that piece of junk Folklore in there. (No I haven't played it.)

Blademask3940d ago

Is everyone forgetting the PS3's new exclusive content for the holidays?


And the Multiple Plaftormers:
Assassins Creed
Guitar hero
Kane & Lynch

PS3 Limps on and on3940d ago

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