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Warhound Developer Diary Video

Via IGN, an A.I. behavior developer diary video for this upcoming first-person shooter. (PC, Warhound, Xbox 360)

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Gamingisfornerds  +   2609d ago
No way the ingame animations will be that fluid.
No way.
gamesblow  +   2609d ago
Sure it will... R&CFTOD & Uncharted have already shown us Animations can be just as fluid, if not more, in real time. Keep in mind... Thsoe games are 1st gen ps3 games. This is a 3rd gen or maybe even 4th gen xbox 360 game for all we know. It'll be there, trust me. The game looks amazing, by the way... only, it's downfall is that it is yet again... a FPS and that's so boring right now.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2609d ago
I disagree.
R&C's and Unchated's animations are great, but nowhere near this quality of animations. This is on another level.

And it's the animation transitions that really make all the difference. Some games like COD4 for example, have some truly fantastic animations as well, almost lifelike. But when one animation goes over into another one, all goes apesh*t.

I just don't see this quality of animations happening this gen, but I say this with some sort of desperate hope.

Maybe...just maybe...
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Xi  +   2609d ago
games blow
you know that they've been working on game like uncharted and such long before the ps3 was released, remember warhawk was supposed to be a launch title, and the ps3 was supposed to launch with the 360 but had been delayed a year. That 3rd generation to 1st gen stuff is just fanboy flaimbait, or you trying to justify your purchase.

GT has this in HD.

what I really like is the way his hands look like they move from the weight of the gun.
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Statix  +   2609d ago
Animation transitions
I agree that a lot of games have sloppy animation transitions, but that's more related to sloppy artists and animators than anything else.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2609d ago
360 doesnt even have exclusives. Everything is on PC too. Games on PS3 are ONLY on PS3.
ichimaru  +   2609d ago
that has to be some of the smoothest animation i have ever seen. i mean really; how he bounces a bit when he croutches back down. amazing.

and to the above, i have no doubt that the ingame anmations ARE that fluid.
riqued  +   2609d ago
This is just animations, no AI actually shown...
fresco  +   2609d ago
i agree
for it to be behavior they should show what he's reacting to.. i.e. why he's doing the blindfire or why he's going back into cover.

still pretty nonetheless
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2609d ago
the animations look amazing with no slowdown
but what happens when you add in other characters and their animations, environments, explosions, gunshots/muzzleflashes, and whatever else they decide to put in..will it flow as smoothly?

ive seen a trailer before and it looked crazy but it was mostly one on one battles. the game isnt coming out till next year so they have time so ill definitly be keeping my eyes on this one..
PS3PCFTW  +   2609d ago

how many of these animations with the graphics/physics/enemy ai/sound running in real time, can they fit into the game without massive slowdown AKA MASS EFFECT? how can they fit this on a dvd9?

all this is, is a wireframe prerendered techdemo..its not in real time, theres no backgrounds, no lighting no music, no other enemies. its just a prerendered demo ....AND this is the exclusive xfans rage about? another fps, whooopdifuccin do.

after watching the other video, it seems like theyre adding some fluid animations BUT THEY ONLY HAVE ONE ENEMY ONSCREEN AT A TIME. SO I GUESS THEY ADD SOME QUALITIES BUT TAKE AWAY FROM OTHERS BECAUSE OF DVD9 and the almighty 360 cpu.LOL
im not surprised.

lol..........once again the allmigty 360 falls short to the capabilities of the 1 year old ps3. take a look at uncharted and be really amazed at animations and a.i.

hate all you want, its ALLLLLLLLLL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOd.
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power of Green  +   2609d ago
Dam its PS3 fanboy day(week).. PS3 fanboys and girls posting 360 news and they're the only people in them and most of it is anti 360 news at that.

Keep running this site into the ground, what AI was shown? looks like the AI was getting blasted and and maybe trying to shoot back while off balanced.

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