David Jaffe 'Would Love to be Involved' in God of War III

Speaking exclusively to GameDaily BIZ in an interview just published, David Jaffe (creator of the first God of War) shared his thoughts on the adventures of Kratos. Although Jaffe is no longer a part of SCEA, he is still closely tied to Sony and remains on great terms with the Santa Monica team.

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sonarus3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

well they have his notes if they stretch gow 3 into 3 ps3 parts it better not be 6hrs long 10hrs of gplay minimum. i really dnt see them stretching out that far though

stormwolf3904d ago

that the whole story for god of war would be split over 3 games and eventually end up on the ps3 man not that gow 3 would be split into 3 games just correctin ya.. peace out

sonarus3904d ago

nope i think they wanna make the ps3 version like a bigger story dat delves into 3 games and eventually ends up wit kratos dying

kornbeaner3904d ago

I agree with stormwolf...the wording seems a little off but, it sounded like his (Jaffe) original plan was a trilogy with the 3rd game in the main series (console releases) finishing up on the PS3. Don't forget that Chains of Olympics can be considred a filler title and so can God of War Mobile for the cellphone. So if you add that up you have 5 games total which would be how it sounds on the interview.

cloud360-7th_account3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

GOW is to gruesome.... besides my mommy and daddy wud never let me play something that has porn at the the begining

DEADEND3904d ago

That's funny because my next door neighbor's kid is 6 and he plays GTA and GOW like it's nothing lol and his parent don't even care. He's only 6 and he owns dudes online like a pro on R:FOM, he's the first person that is going to be in my clan when we get UT3.

FF7numba13904d ago

lol that little kid is badass. I wish i could train my cousins.

SullyDrake3904d ago

We all want you to work on GoWIII. Apply back at Santa Monica for lead story writer please and ensure that GoWIII crushes like it's meant to.

PS360PCROCKS3904d ago

please? :) I want 3 to blow 1 and 2 away!!

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The story is too old to be commented.