PSN Update: Kane&Lynch, High Velocity Bowling, Beats, PixelJunk Monsters

Ripten writes:

"O.K. don't get too excited. This weeks PSN update report is split over four different stores. We've got word of all of these items before some of them have hit and we'll update it once they have, but at the moment this is all we're certain of."

NB: Euro and Japan Content is up now, and the list can be found at the source.


Updated with Full US PSN Store Updates.

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paul_war3881d ago

Why no UK everyday shooter?

techie3881d ago

It's not a's been updated NOW.

techie3881d ago

They've added an image showing that Kane and Lynch demo is out. :) Just so you know.

LOFT3163880d ago

In tomorrow for drakes fortune
Good story but not a good game

techie3880d ago

Good choice :) You won't regret it.

mightydog013881d ago

When is pain coming out in uk?.....

Milkman5413881d ago

Damn I really wanna PixelJunk Monsters that honestly looks kinda cool...

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The story is too old to be commented.