Professor Layton spoils Wii Fit debut

Even the allure of a balancing beam sim couldn't keep Japanese gamers from gobbling up another helping of brain benders carefully wrapped in an adorable adventure starring Professor Layton.

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MK_Red3877d ago

Professor Layton rules by it's own but by ruining Wii Fit's debut, it ROCKS and RULES in my book.

v1c1ous3877d ago

you can't argue that it's moving hardware, but software is another issue.

we are seeing the same titles in the top spots for nintendo for months and months.

super mario galaxy was expected to be huge, but failed to meet expectations.

mario and sonic at the olympics must have been a swift kick in the nuts to sega.

wiifit, which by all merits had analysts wiping the floor with everything, got outsold by, although popular, estranged title.

the more time that goes on, the more i see this console war being between two like-minded consoles for gamers, the 360 and ps3

cooke153877d ago

just so you know those are only 2 day totals for Wii fit.. and its an enormous amount

uxo223877d ago

I believe nintendo can create a milk crate peripheral and make a game called "the milk man" with the objective of seeing how much milk you can deliver while riding a skateboard (Using the wii fit board) and people would buy the sh!t. 1 million milk crate peripherals moved on launch

Amazing! Truely Amazing!

Shaka2K63877d ago

Poor kidtendo fanboys, the company is just ripping them off and abusing their kiddie name to sell POS gimmicks that would have been decent in the 90s.

wii-fit is the biggest joke in the history of gaming.

wiizy3877d ago

yeah thats not right.. wii fit deserve the top just base on innovation