Multiplatform titles sales stronger on PS3 in Norway

A rough translation:

Norwegian game- and multimedia association reports that Multiplatform titles sells far better on the PS3 compared to the X360.

Games like FIFA 08 and Need For Speed ProStreet sells far stronger on PS3 than 360. Magazine "Faro Journalen" have done a quick calculation, which shows that fresh multiplatform titles released in Fall have in almost all accounts sold better on the PS3. Only Guitar Hero 3 sales have been better on X360.

According to store (I assume all types of stores) employees "Faro Journalen" have contacted, PS3 owners are more hungry at new titles, and franchises like Need For Speed and FIFA have traditionally been associated with Playstation-platforms in a larger degree.

Regardless, it is impressive that just after 8 months in Norwegian stores the PS3 could do this well. (having troubles finding the right word here, but it goes a little like that)

These numbers obviously say nothing about the exclusive titles on each platform. Both X360 and PS3 have had a good share of exclusive titles in Fall like Halo 3, Mass Effect and PGR4 for X360 and Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted and Singstar for PS3.

It will be exciting to see what the future holds.

NOTE: The translation is not a word-to-word translation. While I tried to keep it that way (to not twist it), it was hard in some cases. Also everything in parenteses is me talking.

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sonarus3875d ago

no one even knws bout the 360 in some parts of europe. To most its a myth. lol seriously though norway accounts for what percentage of the market?????

Honeal2g3875d ago

but how relevant is it really? i mean its a good way to overlook the 360 outselling it with multiplatform games worldwide by a landslide for the majority. Now if Norway was more like japan then that would be a big deal.

jiggyjay3874d ago

ROFL! Dude Sony fanboys are desperate! You know what I also heard that the PS3 is outselling the 360 in Antartica 2:1 and in Mars as well!

razer3875d ago

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this??

I think I'll laugh..

Big props to Norway though!

PS360WII3875d ago

lol yea I'm with you on this razer

Pain703874d ago

Norway, Maine right? surely i just didn't waste my time viewing this. screw Norway? i'd like to see Brazil. hell, the Artic numbers would also be nice!! i bet my arse, the gamers on the Azore Islands are way ahead of the curve too!!!

predator3875d ago

oh my god, fanboys would stoop to anything. ok look at current sweedish bestsellers on

360 rules in sweeden accordin to that.

please enough with this bull

Bill Gates3875d ago

That's because the....

PS3 is like a Kung-Fu Grand Master

..and the

360 is like an overweight middle aged WWE wrestler (Fake and over rated).


crazydriver3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Seeing as PS3 has been lacking good games for a time its no wonder that lot of PS3 owners finaly are opening their wallets up.
I bought a 360(here in norway) at the same time a friend of mine bought a PS3 , while I was playing gears,crackdown,graw2++ he was cursing over the total lack of games for his PS3. He sat playing COD3 for nine months before now , when finally some descent games are starting to show up for the PS3. When the PS3 game library tightens up i think PS3 will see strong sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.