Is Microsoft trying to cheat people?

A recent "deal" on the Bing Rewards program tries to lure people into paying an unnecessary premium for their Xbox LIVE subscription.

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Wenis2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

The author forgot to add the part of how fun it is to go about cancelling your credit card that's associated with your XBL account after you get the free month.. but I guess thats just the icing on the shitcake

hellvaguy2163d ago

Actually they changed the credit card cancelling process about 2 patches ago. Its pretty easy now, but ya in the past it was a big pain.

Bull5hifT2163d ago

Yes That Is There Business Model

StrongMan2164d ago

Well, they do charge for Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

hellvaguy2163d ago

Except that they dont since they are free on xbox live. Swing and a troll miss.

StrongMan2163d ago

And just how much is XBL? So, if all I wanted to do was use Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube on Xbox you're telling me I can use these features for free without paying for XBL?

GearsOfWar2163d ago

It's a paid service, but they aren't trying to "cheat" people, they're running a business. They're bringing in more value to make the subscription worth it.

I don't see the problem with bringing in more value.

Would you rather them charge you JUST for playing online with nothing extra? Exactly.

ZombieAssassin2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

"Would you rather them charge you JUST for playing online with nothing extra? Exactly. "

Well...yea if you could get everything else for free like Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Acces s to Netflix(a paid service already). Basically what you're saying is you would rather pay for those services instead of get them free just because it add's more value to XBL...logic is flawed.

radphil2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

"Would you rather them charge you JUST for playing online with nothing extra? Exactly."

Honestly charging for stuff that can be accessed free on other platforms isn't EXACTLY a good trade-off.

Plus they did that before in the past, called the regular Xbox.

GearsOfWar2162d ago

It's not about whether you get that stuff for free on the net.

Heck, I could download full games if I wanted to for free.

The point is, you're getting that stuff on a gaming console.

badjournalism2163d ago

This guy must be new to the world of subscriptions...month to month is *always* more expensive than quarterly/yearly subs.

Colonel_Dante2163d ago

"I love xbox live, but.." - the author.
Its a service, dont fall in love with it, when you trust it and are head over heels in love with it, thats when its gonna rip your heart out, kick you to the curb and say "lets be friends.."

brish2163d ago

Q. Is Microsoft trying to cheat people?
A. Yes

brish2163d ago


Microsoft is giving one month free so they can charge $120 a year for a $60 a year service. Please explain how that isn't ripping off customers!

drsnobby2163d ago

please show proof that MS harges $120 a yr

PirateThom2163d ago

Did you read the article drsnobby? It basically puts you on one month renewal after the free month. Which is 9.99 a month...

brish2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

"please show proof that MS harges $120 a yr"

$10 per month * 12 months = $120 a year.

Redgehammer2163d ago

Your account is set to renew to what ever your subscription is, IE family, yearly, monthly etc. If a person is not smart enough to realize they need to downgrade their membership, if they don't want to continue being billed, then maybe that person should not be in a decision making position.

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