Full Street Fighter IV Details Just Released

The Bitbag writes, "Here's the first official press release about SFIV from Capcom. The 2D/3D graphics are confirmed as well as some other new developments. Are you excited yet?"

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Relcom3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

goin with the kinda tekken/soulcaliber style. I can dig that just as long as its not straight 3D i'm down.

JsonHenry3635d ago

So the game is a 2D fighter with a few 3D flourishes on special moves?

socomnick3635d ago

I want this game badly even though I'm not into fighter games. I just had so many good memories playing sf 2 as a kid.

socomnick3635d ago

lol I was a dirty player I would just barrage the who ever I was playing with Sonic booms and when they got close Id wait and then do that fan kick and repeat with the sonic booms.

Loopy3635d ago

Easily counterable by any more experienced players.
I'd crush you with Zangief just to see you confused in your predictable moves.

v1c1ous3635d ago

your guile would be ripped to shreds on xbox live

that tactic only works on scrubs and newbs

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Relcom3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

What characters are gonna be in it. I hope They bring Sagat back, that was my dude, and Vega

lonestarmt3635d ago

I hope they bring him back too! but I hope sagat fights like tony Jaa!

HeartlesskizZ3635d ago

I never owned an ST game before but when I played them at the arcades Vega was my choice and Guile

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The story is too old to be commented.