The State of HD DVD

Where Blu-ray is a freight train of unrivaled weight and marketing might, backed by 13 of the world's most well known electronics and computer makers, HD DVD is a Little Engine That Could, the product of a much smaller group of collaborators that has gotten over each obstacle by simply thinking it can. Judging from early buzz, HD DVD should have been beaten long ago. Today, though, it appears healthy and gaining in momentum thanks to lower prices, less confusion about disc standards, less in-fighting among the format's supporters, and a high likelihood of cheap Chinese models arriving soon. This piece answers the following questions: How in hell has the HD DVD camp lasted this long? And how will the format's backers stay competitive in the next year in the face of cheaper and more plentiful Blu-ray players?

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Lucreto3847d ago

It has interesting features which I don't need.

I hate the extra features that are on DVDs to me watching how a movie was made is like watching a cow becoming a steak. You lose the appreciation of a good action sequence seeing the blue screen and wires.

Movies are a break from reality watching these types of features throws you back into the real world and destroys the sense of fantasy.

mighty_douche3846d ago

not for all the cool sh!t you said (well that 2) but i just find them boring.

blackmagic3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

And here is how Blu-ray's advantage, the PS3, is also it's disadvantage. The vast majority of Blu-ray buyers are gamers and they don't seem to care about special features or even older releases. They care about the latest-greatest blockbusters and that's about it and while releases like '300' outsell HD DVD 2:1 on Blu-ray, other releases such as 'Planet Earth' actually have HD DVD outselling Blu-ray by a small margin despite the overwhelming install base. This is a loud message.

Unlike Blu-ray, they didn't adopt the format because it came with the console they just bought, they adopted the format because they watch movies.

cuco333846d ago

I like watching the extra features and how the film was made. Not on all movies but on those that I love and watch multiple times. I'm all about that, as many are. Obviously the main feature is the film itself. But since PQ and AQ on both are the same, what makes either format stand out from the other? The special features.

beoulve3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I dunno gizmodo editor is blind or not. Look at the comparison.
HD-DVD special features is in 480p DVD size but Blu-ray is partially in 1080i to 1080p. You call that better features??? You bought HD-DVD to see 480p special features??

cuco333846d ago

There are titles that have the features in HD DVD in HD resolution just as there are titles on Blu-ray that are in SD.

Since we're hacking on red, know that the features on Transformers was all in HD

deeznuts3846d ago

Yes it was, video wise. But it lacked a Hi Res audio track because there wasn't enough space, straight from the studio's mouth.

athlon7703846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

I would be certain that once Sony pushes out the next firmware for the PS3 that a lot of what was negative about the features in this article will go by-by. Of course that won't change for the stand-alone Blue players, they need to get their act together on those, but the PS3 should be looking pretty after the update.

Red has its act together, that is for sure, but Blue is hot on its heals. I was also unaware of any of the "internal bickering" that is going on with the Blue side. Sad to hear that. Blue sure has some hurdles to get over, but as long as the sales are there, and still overtaking Red week by week, month by month, my opinion is Blue will still take the gold.

cuco333846d ago

That lossy compressed track you speak of (1.5m DD+ on Transfomers HD DVD) was given 5/5 and 10/10 audio scores from revieweres.

It also won Best Audio in HDM at the latest HDM conference/awards show.

Note: without going into the whole lossless vs lossy debate; a lossless sh*t track will still sounds like sh*t. It depends on the mix. Most BD supporters who preach lossless don't have the ears, equipment or know how to distinguish between the two.

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darthv723846d ago

will be the way to go. Once the bd profiles are sorted out it will be more cost effective to make combo units. Samsung (bluray backer) has already demonstrated that they can come to terms and offer playback for multiple formats. More makers will follow. Bluray/HDDVD FTW? No! Consumers FTW? Yes.

Jen5en3846d ago

Wise words, Sire! Wise words!

blackmagic3846d ago

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

It's only a matter of time before combo players are affordable. Blu-ray standalones were over double the price they are now only a year ago which is more expensive than the latest Samsung combo unit and it's profile 1.1 to boot. By next Christmas I wouldn't be surprised if combo units were under $400.

Bill Gates3846d ago

There is no "State"'s more like a tiny village....AAAAAHAHHAHAHA

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