Final Fantasy Type-0 and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP vs. PlayStation Vita

Gematsu: "PlayStation Vita is out in Japan – we’re all pretty jealous. Comparison images of PSP games running on PSP versus running on PS Vita have already begun to surface."

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Nitrowolf22559d ago

That's a big difference in color. Looks like the bright colors are lost on Vita for Monster Hunter whereas the color for FF Type 0 look better, to me at least.

IDK it doesn't bother me really, and TBH i can't tell which one looks better for the MH games. Wonder why the coloring looks so different

Abash2559d ago

The colors look richer and deeper to me, and is it just me or is the actual in-game lighting a lot better for PSP games on Vita? Im very impressed

Nitrowolf22559d ago

yeah I can't really see which is better, though looking at the last two pictures it seems to me that the PSP version has to much green haze affect, whereas the Vita gets rid of it which looks better to me.

MasterCornholio2559d ago

The big difference in color is due to the OLED screen. At least it's confirmed now that PSP games will look great on the Vita.


pain777pas2559d ago

The colors for the Vita have that blueish tint to them whereas the PSP has more of a red green tint. The contrast is superior on the Vita to the PSP. The color accuracy is where there will be issues. However, the color gamut will be higher on the Vita so ultimately you will see more colors in certain games that did not seem apparent when playing the PSP. Vita will show more colors on screen than the PSP and the overall look will be more like a PSP 2000 blueish smooth tint to the rougher greenish tint of a 3000 screen. The colour gamut will be better and the games will look better than the 2000 screen so Vita will win. But some games you may prefer the color tint on the 3000.

wonderwall972559d ago

Maybe because FF type-0 was made with the Vita in their minds, so I guess there is something within it that will make it look better when played in the Vita. With regards to MH, I guess at that time, there are little to no talks about the Vita so generally, they didn't see that coming. I don't know. It's just my guess.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2559d ago

for FF the image is clearer (which only makes the jaggies more noticeable). And the the colors are better. IDK what to say about MH.

guitar_nerd_232559d ago

I'm glad they run fullscreen, wasn't sure if they would.

jneul2559d ago

looks like im gettinng the vita versions then

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