Famitsu’s 5 Most Wanted Vita Games

"Today is V-Day in Japan, and leading up to the launch of Sony’s second portable, Famitsu has been polling gamers both online and in its magazine about which Vita games they want most. Having the newest magazines right next to me, I’ve combined the totals of both surveys to find the overall most wanted PSVita games." -PSLS

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knifefight2553d ago

I never got to play it on PS2 so I'm curious about that one as well.

NewMonday2551d ago

P4 is great, can't say it enough, and the Vita Version has extras, eventually will come west like most Atlus games.

what i wish for is Tales of Innocence R, but I don't know if Namco will bring it over.

imoutofthecontest2553d ago

Mild interest in most of those, plus Disgaea 3 and FFX ports.

Can't wait till more original games and new IPs start rocking the house.

doctorstrange2552d ago

Gravity Rush looks like an interesting new IP

LeBronista2552d ago

For me

1. Persona 4 The Golden
2. Gravity Rush
3. Uncharted Golden Abyss
4. MGS HD Collection
5. Sumioni

Special mention for Hot Shot Golf 6..

cervantes2402552d ago

Surprised to see Uncharted so high up on Famitsu's list, but great to see that the series is an international hit.

doctorstrange2552d ago

The Harrison Ford ads must have done the trick

MasterCornholio2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Im going to get a game with rainbows and dancing pandas at launch.

Just guess what it is.


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