Your Questions Answered By Naughty Dog's Evan Wells: PART ONE

So, a few weeks back Three Speach asked for gamers questions for Evan Wells, and here are the answers. The second part of the interview will follow tomorrow.

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gamesblow3903d ago

Well, that's that on that... It don't sound like Uncharted 2 will hit any time soon. Probably J&D "to play it safe" What a joke.... hope you ANAL LEAKS are happy.

Arkham3903d ago

Great interview.

His comments re: ratings were interesting:

"[Q] Best physics in a game, but why not incorporate the rag doll physics on downed enemies? I know they are there, but they only react when you run over them. Nothing happens when you shoot them. What was the reason behind this?

[EW] Actually we had the bodies reacting to bullets all the way up until the last couple of weeks of development. It came down to a ratings issue, and we really didn’t think that it was worth the risk of receiving a more mature rating for such a small feature.

[Q] There are beautifully animated fish in the water, but I can’t shoot them?

[EW] Same thing here. We had hit reactions and even some death animations for the wildlife in the game but we chose to remove it. It was flagged as a potential issue by the ESRB and it seemed like a small concession to make in order to maintain our “Teen” rating. It may have also affected the rating in Europe."