Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack Screens Overload has updated with 29 new screens showing off the three maps found in the Heroic Map Pack - scheduled for release on December 11.

The pack will cost 800 Microsoft Points and will feature three maps: Standoff, a symmetrical valley ideal for mid-sized objective and Slayer game types; Rat's Nest, home to many labyrinthine passages which are strongly influenced by the Halo 3 campaign mode; and Foundry, described as the ultimate Forge map because of its large open warehouse environment

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SuperSaiyan43880d ago

Stick these maps up their backside, I am NOT going to purchase maps for this broken online multiplayer game that has me constantly shouting and swearing at the constant BS that occurs primarily with melee attacks!!

Go do one Bungie and give me COD4.

ThichQuangDuck3880d ago

I mean i really want Halo 3 to succeed dont get me wrong but with not as many good maps as halo 3 and lacking maps that should of been in. In my opinon they should of remade the some maps from each halo game and put them in im sure it wouldnt be that hard considering how long they were working
Anway im getting COD4 this weekend i have already rented and played the beta and it is much better than Halo 3 and I hope Halo 3 does not win game of the year because it simply doesnt deserve it