Were They Really That Bad?

TLR Writes "The Legit Review will defend a game that doesn’t deserve all of the hate. Here is a list of games panned by several folks, but TLR didn’t find them that bad at all."

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gameforall2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

In regards to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

SolidGear32287d ago

Hell yes! K&L2 was one of my top favorites of 2010!!

scofios2287d ago

the second one wasn't bad ,but the first one sucks.

ReservoirDog3162286d ago

Haha, there are other people who loved K&L 2! That was an imperfect game with true grit. I just loved that game so much and it got such horrible reviews. Loved it and glad to see some people appreciated it.

ShaunCameron2286d ago

In the case of Lair, the negative reviews were warranted. It was a pain to control the character with Sixaxis in general and especially for quick-time events where it barely responds. And I can't recall a game where the Left stick is used for anything other than character movement.