Worst Wii Bundle Ever?

On November 20th SPOnG found itself appalled at Toys 'R' Us for taking advantage of Wii shortages and forcing punters to fork out £300 on poor bundles. This reaction does not come close to the sheer horror we feel having recently discovered the 'Ultimate Nintendo Wii Console Pack' from Mobile Fun will cost you £319.95.

"So what", you're wondering, "do I get for my £319.95? Surely there must be some great games?"

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SuperSaiyan43878d ago

Go check

MK_Red3878d ago

It's still better than the $700 and $1000 deals that some people have paid for.

Skerj3878d ago

Throw Anubis 2 into that sucker!!

AndrewR3878d ago

Here in the UK, Dixons (when they have the Wii in stock) are punting it off with a PSP. Yes, that's right, the marketing brains at Dixons have decided to combine Nintendo's console and Sony's handheld, rather than a DS, which would, lets face it, make a whole lot more sense.

The entire package is a Wii plus three games (Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, Mercury Meltdown Revolution and The Golden Compass) plus a bright pink PSP.

Presumably Sony is paying Dixons a fair amount to create this package, hocking off the unsold pink PSPs.

And the price for this uberpackage? £450 = $900.

They have even more expensive packages that come with another game, or instead of a PSP, you get a 20" TV.

It sickens me that retailers are the biggest bunch of bastards, and in this list I include Dixons, Game, Littlewoods, and the worst one is perhaps SimplyGames, who are charging £360 for the standard package and one(!!!) game. I hope in the coming months these people go under, or have a good many of their stores firebombed.

I thankfully got mine from Amazon at the standard price of £180. The original and still the best online retailer.

jinn3877d ago

the worst thing is that it comes with a wii