Demon's Souls Gets (A Little) Easier This Holiday

As Atlus continues to support Demon's Souls' online play by keeping the servers alive, the publisher announced a Pure White World Tendency event starting today.

Players who log online in North America will face enemies that are easier to kill in addition to areas previously inaccessible. The event runs through January 2, 2012.

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Luc202351d ago

Might play online again. Coop in DS is so unique.

Kyosuke_Sanada2351d ago

Ah yes, White World Tendency. If anyone wants time to lick their wounds, it better be now.....

Iroquois_Pliskin2351d ago

I thought the outcomes of my action decided the world tendency?

Kyosuke_Sanada2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

It does still but if you are online, Atlus tend to change tendencies intentionally for players who don't have the patience to do so on their own. Think of this as an annual shortcut so you can see the worlds in a different perspective. They have doing this for a while around Christmas time and Hallow's Eve (Pure Black Tendency).

Raoh2351d ago

I lost my game save file so it is time to start over. A lot of people are missing out on this game. Many sony haters speak as if it all started with dark souls, we have dark souls because of how well demons' souls was received.

If you own a ps3, are into rpg's, and generally appreciate a difficult game, do yourself a favor and play this game.

Many sites/people will tell you, demon's souls is in many peopls eyes better than dark souls. They are made by the same dev so no need for picking sides but if you like one play the other as well, you won't be disappointed.

MysticStrummer2351d ago

I like Dark Souls a little better than Demon's Souls, but I think the overall premise and atmosphere of Demon's Souls is better. They are my favorite and second favorite games of this generation, so I highly recommend both to anyone who wants to try something different and challenging.