Unofficial God of War III Teaser

If you cant take more torment from the highly anticipated GOW3, then this teaser will do you no good...

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HeartlesskizZ3658d ago

this is very well done..if the author of this teaser would have said it was Official I would have fall for it =)

MK_Red3658d ago

Exceptionally well made teaser considerning it's fan made. The text could have been better but it's still pretty awesome, specially the second version (Ver 2) with different PS logo and "I"s of the III coming one one by one and then Omega. Can't wait. Kratos is THE ultimate badass.

HeartlesskizZ3657d ago

if by the time of GOW3 release date we have XMB ill invite you to share the game epicness with me =)

Black Rose3658d ago

hmm very nice for being unofficial and cant wait for the game either

Young Capwn3658d ago

cant wait for this game....

Probotector3657d ago

3 canon God of War games in a time frame of 2 years? Something tells me that GOW 3 is going to be a rushed, lame game.

games4fun3657d ago

@probo you have to say its rushed because you know its a great game series is that all you got? rushed and lame is all you have based on time frame? cant you troll any better? why dont you say it will suck because there is no multiplayer? LOL

HeartlesskizZ3657d ago

I think your underwear is to "tight"...let it loose a little bit =)

Anego Montoya FTMFW3657d ago

EVERYONE take away this guys BUBBLES.

he`s not even funny, its just ANNOYING.

kurochi3657d ago

that's why Insomniac Games games has thrown 2 great games in 2 years with RFOM and Ratchet on the PS3.... Game development depends on the programmers and story-line.
Face it, GOW 1&2 had a great story-line. Just like Gears or War had a great story-line. What would make you think otherwise with GOW3? Tool-boy. I hate Fanboys.....

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Zolin3657d ago

Hopefully the third one will be as good as the other two.

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The story is too old to be commented.