New PlayStation Vita Info: Earning Trophies On Other Vitas, Save Backup, Remote Play Details

New information about the PlayStation Vita has been made available via the English version of the console’s user guide (applicable to system software version 1.50), which has been published on the Internet by Sony. Some previously unknown information includes details on how to earn Trophies for games on other Vitas, save backups, and the Remote Play feature.

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Ddouble2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

So no trophies if you buy the game used. That will annoy some people, not me though.

Apart from that everything seems fine. They didn't mention anything though about how the brightness affects the battery life though, only the network features.

NukaCola2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

This trophy deal is weird. So used games can't earn trophies unless you start a new PSN for that game? I am so confused. So every used game needs a new PSN? I don't understand it.

The screen shot feature is really awesome though. And I am curious to see what the PS+ accounts like myself get with Vita.

*****I got to say this thing is so close to perfection but a few major annoyances keep popping up:
1. Contracted 3G
2. Pricey Flash
3. Used games can't add to your trophies

I think it's lame to side with AT&T or really forcing a lock to one provider. But whats really dumb is using trophies to seemingly combat piracy. I would get a 32 gig card but they are too expensive so I will not get so many digital copies, but now I feel like I cant get a cheap copy used for something I dont really want like Madden on Vita for instance.

Sony you got to give and take a little. You do wonders, I believe in you to find away to fix these few tiny hiccups

Nitrowolf22376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Pretty much you need the same exact account that the game was started on if you want to play it on other vita with trophies.
1.With the game card inserted into the Vita you started the game on, sign up for PSN, then start the game.
2.Insert the game into the other Vita you want to play the game on, sign in to the same PSN account, then start the game.
3.The game recognizes you as the original player and lets you earn Trophies.

Pretty much this instruction is using 2 Vita, the original one with an account and the second vita will also be using that same account.

So no matter what no trophy support for used games, which annoys me a bit. This is just as bad as Online passes, I swear if they start charging to get trophies I will be ticked.

Jobesy2376d ago

Is this to combat used game sales, piracy or both? Because with this new info I imagine if you pirate a game you won't be able to earn trophies. I might be wrong, i'm just thinking out loud.

DarkBlood2376d ago

so each game cartridge has some sort of unique code or something? *scratches head*

Nitrowolf22376d ago

@ Jobesy

Well if it is then it's a terrible way to do it considering that if PS Vita ever becomes expose to piracy then it'll most likely have a work around with this trophy issue.

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yesmynameissumo2376d ago

You CAN earn trophies on used games if you factory reset the game, erasing the data.

Philaroni2376d ago

I think it is a good idea. Rewards people who do buy games new, every company right now is trying to fight used game sales in any way they can. I know many people like used games because of the lower price but remember the guys that made the game get no $$ from that. Then people complain when a studio goes under or a game they like does not get a second in the series. With how much it cost to make games and how competitive the market is they really do need every dollar they can to grow and expand as a studio.

Next gen it would not shock me to see both Sony and MS do the same for there next gen systems. Which considering how much it cost to make a PS3 or 360 game vs an Xbox or PS2, as well as how many more people it takes to make some of these games and support them with content after they hit the market, they again will have to fight for every penny they can.

MGRogue20172376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

"Playing Games: Approximately 3-5 hours (when Network features aren’t in use)
Playing Videos: Approximately 5 hours
Listening to Music: Approximately 9 hours (when system enters standby during music playback and music continues playing)

The Vita will take approximately 2 hours, 40 minutes to charge from zero percent battery life. Using the system while charging or charging while in standby mode can increase charging time."

That's actually pretty reasonable considering how powerful the Vita is & the console-experience you'll be experiencing in that time-frame.

Philaroni2376d ago

Its kind of sad, CPU's GPU's and all that are getting so much better yet I swear that the batteries have not advanced at all or at least even close to as much.

And yes that is just fine. I'v all the hand helds I had the most I ever played one in a single go was the old Pokemon games when I was a kid when we drove to my grandmas which was a 8 hour drive. I don't ever see myself now having 3-5 hours of free time at any given moment to really worry about it.

As for the AT&T thing, I would guess 90% of the people will get just the Wi-Fi model. I don't see 3G being all that useful unless you do travel a lot, even then every hotel, Starbucks, and so on have decent Wi-Fi. Its really only there for that small % of the market that need it.

MasterCornholio2376d ago

3~5 Hours seems to be the standard on both the 3DS and PSP. It was already confirmed via the manual that the Vitas battery is replaceable so I am pretty sure that in the future there will be bigger batteries for it. I am impressed that Tue Vita manages to have the same battery life as the 3DS (with 3D off)


yesmynameissumo2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

You CAN earn trophies on used games if you factory reset the game, erasing the data.

If you use Chrome, Google will translate it. It's a non-issue.

DigitalRaptor2376d ago

Thanks for confirming this. Like you said, a non-issue.

Disccordia2376d ago

Bubbles for great info. Shame you can't bump stuff to the top

NukaCola2376d ago

Oh so if you erase the data off the cartridge? Like earning them from scratch and not double dipping on already done work. Was worried, now I am less...Thanks guys

nevin12376d ago

The Vita is a mess. Why do people have to go through all that(you know what I mean)just to unlock trophies on another Vita.

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