Official GTAIV Trailer 3 Out Today On Xbox Live Marketplace and

The Bitbag writes, "Another new trailer finally hits the small screens of Xbox 360 fans all over the world. 3pm EST is the drop time. Lock and load your mice. Get ready to click. Here's the full release:"

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TheXgamerLive3759d ago

I hope it's new new content and not upward views of skyscrapers and niko.

Still, it's such a great time to be a gamer.

OpiZA3759d ago

Looking forward to this :)

eLiNeS3759d ago

The PofS3 fangirls under a rock and don't want to come out to play today? Funny how this is on the Xbox 360 and not on there beloved DelayStations. I guess the trailer even got delayed. Serves them right!

rofldings3759d ago

lol. At least I can watch trailers without my piece of box overheating.

It's a trailer, calm down. All I care about is the game.

eLiNeS3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

it's called a new Xbox 360 Elite! Over heating is in the past and even if it did come knocking, it's still better then a delaystation will ever be. I can get a new game, play it, box can RROD on me, send it in, receive it back, and you still won't have the game I had been enjoying for months. The games you do get on time are washed out, no rumble, no messaging in game to invite friends, should I keep going? I will save it for the next post! See you over there.

oh, another thing, you say all you care about is the game but the delaystation will have less then half the game, the 360 will have the full game so best sell the PofS and get an Xbox 360 if all you care about is the game. People that care only about the game should also want the full game, am I right? Xbox 360 FTW!!!!!!!!

Kleptic3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )


I love sharing this planet with people like you...please persuade as many as possible to act the same way...murder rates will fall to zero in no time...

promise me you will never it...

also...its been up on the front page of this site pretty much since the trailer launched on XBL...idiot...

rhood0223759d ago

Uh..the trailer is on PSN today too.

BLow3759d ago

It may be quiet in your world because you feel the need to defend your 360 so much. The trailer is on PSN also. Maybe if you owned one you would know. I'm also glad to be a PofS3 fangirl as well as Xbot. Man....FANBOYS. Why wouldn't they put it on Playstation? I swear.......

MikeGdaGod3759d ago

it's on the PSN too.........WOW!!!

silly xbots, tricks are for kids

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mighty_douche3759d ago

notice GTA seems to be getting little attention lately? 5 comments?

Hugh Hefner3759d ago

Agreed... this game has lost hype big time and I don't know why. Seems so different from the great Playstation 2 GTA days.

Eamon3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Cant wait

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