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The Last of Us trailer is revealing of tired game tropes

The emphasis on violence and dehumanization in The Last of Us trailer reveals the narrative crutches of video games. (Industry, PS3, The Last Of Us)

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DaveMan  +   1392d ago
Except Naughty Dog has said, "This isn't your average violent zombie game!!! But rather a game that's about survival, and the love of the man, and the young girl to make it through these post apoclayptic times."

But of course everyone loves to rag on Naughty God.
illegalyouth  +   1392d ago
"Naughty God."

Freudian slip?
DaveMan  +   1392d ago
No, intentional slip :P
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1391d ago
Its safe to assume that your comment got this many dislikes because at least 2/3 of N4G is too dumb to know what a Freudian slip is.
for what its worth, i lol'd
inveni0  +   1391d ago
No, I think they disagreed because "Naughty God" is more defining of the team at Naughty Dog than their actual name is.

On topic, movies also "suffer" from this. But if you're watching movies for some artistic experience, you're missing out on some pretty sweet entertainment.

To blend the two together, Naughty Dog is great at giving some already hashed out ideas a new fire when it comes to video games. Hence the name "Naughty God".

Also, "Dog" = "God" backward....
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dc1  +   1391d ago
LOL +Bub!!!
morganfell  +   1391d ago | Well said
The only thing tiring are nickle and dime malcontents and their cheap, weak, and ultimately failed stabs at game journalism.

For every game genre that some adolescent with internet access laments is overdone, there are a hundred websites and penny ante blogs run by whiners, imbeciles, and extraordinary jackasses who wouldn't know real game journalism if it popped out of the toilet and bit them in their backside.

These loathsome instigators endlessly lament over titles which they fail to understand, about which they possess minimal information, or find not to their liking. They never once sit down and attempt to understand the title and its intended audience nor do they write a preview or review from the point of those millions of buyers who do prefer such games.

Instead every piece that should be objective and written for the reader is little more than the angry opinion of a self appointed and demented child king that failed to get the flavor of pudding he wanted for supper and now stumbles around the house slinging food and dribbling from the chin.

I want to see the crystal ball such morons use to predict the future of a game concerning which they have little to no knowledge. Then I want to take that same crystal ball and award them a much deserved bash on the head with it as punishment for their public display of stupidity.

The articles from such personages are little more than cannon fodder. If not angst ridden teenage diatribe it is the ever moronic "Top 5 this...." or hit inducing flamebait that, never meant to inform but rather serve as an outlet for some failed, disgruntled juvenile that lacks their own game development skills.

Yes Virginia there is indeed something tired in all of this. It is the fact true insight, wit, and service to the game community is far more scarce than a good game. We have had plenty of those this year from Gears 3 to Uncharted 3 and beyond. Yes, sequels that have more life and enjoyment in them than any game based article in recent memory.

Before these pretenders to the game journalism throne sit down in haste with their panties in a wad over some other perceived injury at the hands of a developer, they need to go take a long look in the mirror and bear witness to something gamers find truly tiring.
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Skizelli  +   1391d ago
@morganfell: I see where you're coming from, but I trust Bitmob's journalism completely (where official staff is concerned). If you didn't know, it was co-founded by Dan Hsu, who has been known for speaking his mind about the journalists you speak of. This is obviously an opinion piece; nothing to take to heart and discredit them for. While I partly agree with it, I've also learned not to judge a movie or video game by its trailer.
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Diver  +   1391d ago
dude dan hsu is one of the worst ever.

the ps3 outsold the 360 worldwide from the day it launched. you can look at the official numbers. but dan hsu was editor of egm and just 3 months into the ps3 launch he chose a cover for egm that would be published 2 months later. that cover showed a ps3 with a tomato slammed against and asked what went wrong with the launch. he said in his editorial that he laughed when he showed it to some sony executives.

remember thas just a few months into the ps3 launch an it had not yet launched in the eu, just the us and japan. and it still outsold the 360 launch but he never asked what went wrong with that.

in all his time there he never put a picture of a 360 on the cover with a rrod. a billion dollars was dropped on that. he never asked what went wrong there. no, dan hsu is the last guy you should have brought up. no integrity at all.
IcarusOne  +   1391d ago
disagree with Morganfell and others.

It's not flamebait to ask that the people writing our games strive to a higher level. I don't expect groundbreaking from ND. I expect the best of very well established formulas. They don't reinvent the wheel as much as they polish it and make it gleam.

But I agree with the author that, from the trailer at least, the tone of The Last Of Us may have missed some great opportunities to elevate game writing. Only time will tell.
Lifeequals42  +   1388d ago
@morganfell This is about as far away from the standard "preview" piece as you can get. As far as its front page material (and especially among Staff), Bitmob shies away from the standard reviews/previews cycle and for good reason--everyone else does it and it's boring. I'd say that "games journalism" needs more of this--real, genuine, criticism--over fawning adoration from individuals who consider themselves "press."
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h311rais3r  +   1392d ago
People rag on naughty dog because their fan base hails them as gods. And it gets irritating. They're games are great but there are far better
jdfoster  +   1392d ago
They don't believe me... You should check out the ND forums once in a while. Pros and cons. Ups and downs. Praise and criticism.
Faztkiller  +   1392d ago
IMO their games are the best Uncharted 2 is the best game ever made imo
Biggest  +   1392d ago | Well said
"People rag on naughty dog because their fan base..."

Oh! That makes perfect sense! You attack a thing because of some other thing. I think I'll go punch a baby in the face because their mom keeps telling me how awesome it is!
pc_masterrace  +   1392d ago
like who h311rais3r? EPIC?
MysticStrummer  +   1392d ago
They're hailed as gods because they're one of the best development teams in the world. They have a long track record of new IPs and great games. Go ahead and name games you think are "far better". Guess what? Your list will be your opinion, not the truth.

OT- The people at Bitmob could spend the rest of their lives writing articles about games that feature "tired game tropes", but somehow I don't think they will.
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Pyscho_Mantis  +   1392d ago
so why does that make you so angry....they have fans that think they are the best and it is their fans opinion. They do not care about your opinion and likewise their opinion should not bother you....when you get angry over ones opinion (unless it is ridiculously stupid ) you are slowly becoming the spite of the gaming industry the disease.
mugoldeneagle03  +   1392d ago
Kind of like Bungie/Halo
undercovrr  +   1392d ago
I agree some games are better, but 'far better'...no. You sir don't appreciate great games if you believe your statement.
chainer3000  +   1392d ago
@ Biggest

Bubbles for intelligence / well said. Nice way to put that.

Anyone who doesn't give credit to ND for making some of the best games this generation baffles me. Personally UC goes up there with Mass Effect and Skyrim (though they have longer, more fleshed out campeigns) for me, these are games that I cannot wait for.
ziggurcat  +   1392d ago
@ pc_masterrace: lol epic... if there's anyone more guilty of tired tropes it's those idiots.
BIGBOSS08   1391d ago | Offensive
Ser  +   1391d ago
"Far better?"

Uh...I don't know about "far better."

Naughty Dog are pretty top tier when it comes to crafting entertaining video game experiences. You're just mad, bro.
Rageanitus  +   1391d ago
They are NOT gods but they are the only developer this generation that has pushed CHANGE.

Have you seen any platformer out their that has incorporated cinematic feel, puzzles, good graphics, and descent acting... NO...

Sorry but games like Mario/Sonic/Tombraider are old school now.

What I don't understand is the praise from Bungie.. Sorry I played All the HALOS and they are pretty much generic shooters. But thexbox fanbase loves to think they are gods. Hell they even gave them technical achievement for Halo Reach just because it was Halo and xbox exclusive.... when there already exists way tooo many games much better technically.
GTRrocker  +   1391d ago
Crash Bandicoot for the Playstation 1 is the greatest game ever created. It is even better than Skyrim or that Arkham City bullshit. Bethesda and Rockstar will all shit their pants when the Crash Bandicoot HD Remix is made. All hail Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog be praised.
Razmossis  +   1391d ago
There are plenty better games out there than Uncharted.

Like Bioshock, which actually has a story, unlike Uncharted which only has a theme.

Or Batman, which actually has good varied gameplay, leveling up and unlocking things that change how you play the game... unlike Uncharted, which just gives you a section where you climb, a section where you shoot, and a section where you solve the most simple (time consuming and boring) puzzle ever.

Or Metal Gear, whose characters actually have backstories and reasons for being the way they are and doing the things they do... unlike Uncharted with its cheesy one dimensional characters, whose lives we know very little about, they just always end up hunting treasure at the same time as 'the bad guy', you kill a thousand faceless mercenaries and destroy ancient cities to do so, and still end as the good guy.

It's full of bad dialogue, with an unoriginal and predictable plot, and its musical score is lackluster with no definitive melody.

What it does have is great graphics and technically awesome set pieces.

What The Last Of Us needs is the same technical mastery as Uncharted, but with the great story telling aspect of Bioshock (they have plenty of talking points now, since they made a post apocalyptic world with mutants running around).
They need to tell us more about the characters (why have 'they' survived, how did they meet, what did he used to do before all this etc).
They need to add new gameplay elements, survival elements, character progression, new toys to unlock throughout the game. If all we end up doing is climbing and shooting then it's just Uncharted with a new skin.

I'd also really prefer if the game was more open world (not necessarily sandbox), just not a linear A to B game... this would encourage more varied gameplay styles.
Imagine at some point in the story Ellie gets hurt, and you need to leave her to find a hospital for medical supplies... the street is full of mutants, you could find a way to sneak past them? Go down a different street? Blast through them risking your ammo supply? Or perhaps even go into the sewer to get past them, and down there you find more survivors (sort of like a resistance, planning to attack someday) safe underground because the mutants need sunlight?
This route could reveal more story by talking to the people you find? Or they could give you supplies, etc?

IMO this kind of game is much better than an A to B Uncharted style game.
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Tonester925  +   1391d ago
Who makes far better games?
El_Barto  +   1392d ago
What would you expect them to say? "Our game is cliche and we took a risk by doing a game in an supersaturated genre?"

So it's a survival zombie game that is going to focus more on a story element, I'm still not sensing a lot of originality in it.
CaveMan  +   1392d ago
Yeah because how MANY games involve a man and a teenage girl surviving in post apoclayptic world that involves a serious, and an emotional narrative?

You say super saturated, but please name games that are like my description above?

L4D, Dead Island, Dead Rising, etc. are all zombie games yes, but there simply arcade zombie games that have stupid or silly narratives.
MrDead  +   1392d ago

Its not worth replying to El_Barto, just look at his comment history he hates anything Sony. He has no intrest in games just what console they are on.
El_Barto   1392d ago | Trolling | show
Lionhead  +   1392d ago
Why are you trolling this game so much if you have no interest?

Modern War type games are more over-saturated to the mainstream market than a Survival game is. If this is true survival like Naughty Dog makes it seem than there is a wide array of possibilities for originality.

I just don't understand how you can be so judgmental when nothing has been shown yet, and you know very little. Seems just as ludicrous as those proclaiming it GOTY already.
undercovrr  +   1392d ago
Its ok El Barto, maybe Santa will give you a ps3 for Christmas this year.
Silly gameAr  +   1392d ago
El_Barto haunts Playstation articles and spews nothing but negativity. It's best to pay him no mind in these articles, because nothing seems to be good enough for the kid when it comes to anything PS3 related.

I have faith in Naughty Dog and I know they're going to bring their A game as usual. Best not to judge The Last of Us until we know more about it. It's funny how bitmob thinks they know how the game and the story will play out when they probably know as little as we do about it.
Dee_91  +   1392d ago
@ el_barto
Every shooting game is the same .. every open world rpg is un-original oh and dont get me started on sports games. Madden is so unoriginal .. every single game is so unoriginal and have been done before. No games are good..
Your logic is the equivalent of a 5 year old's.
go sit on your hands clown
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ziggurcat  +   1392d ago
"So it's a survival zombie game that is going to focus more on a story element, I'm still not sensing a lot of originality in it."

... except they've explicitly said that it's *not* a zombie game...
ThatOneGuyThere  +   1391d ago
The survivor horror game has been done. But why frown on a studio for making a better one? one that is more in line with what we want to see out of a survivor horror game? I honestly don't get you people.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   1391d ago
i completely agree. i think that if youre open to the idea of yet another zombie lead-fest, this game will be one for the books! but it doesnt change the fact that the idea itself is incredibly cliche.
with that said, i dont think its THAT crazy for ND to be doing survival horror. what genre nowadays isnt played out to an insane degree?
either way, im really glad bitmob posted this article, because it gave me a chance to sit down and take a look at one of the best looking games in a looong time. just look at those visuals! ND is nothing but a story for the heart, and a feast for the eyes! if anybody can do cliche and make it shine, im pretty sure its all ND.
tarbis  +   1391d ago
Can somebody pls give this guy his angry birds?
MsclMexican  +   1392d ago

There honestly has been one trailer....


And already someone is complaining about it...

"Oh... its just another zombie game"

Here is the problem with zombie games, truth is Zombies are just used as some ploy or gimmick..

Look we have Yakuza of the dead, Dead Rising 2:Off the record, Cod Zombies, Plants vs Zombies, etc.

However the difference is that those games are about killing zombies.

The Last of Us is not...

This guy I complaining this is another game about killing zombies. He says the road is more emotionally compelling.

Let me explain the reason Joel cocked his revolver. Its not cuz "He wants to kill em all". Its because they have no choice. These creatures are superhuman. Joel and Ellie could not have taken them all on. That is why they made the ploy. Joel cocks his gun inorder for the mutant to approach him, thus giving Ellie an opportunity to stun the creature by stabbing it repeatedly with a knife, thus allowing Joel to get a clear shot on his head allowing them to escape.

They made the plan because if not, they are screwed, they can't just sneak away because these things were in close proximity. And by killing of one it lowers there numbers as the creatures hunt in groups.

This games not focused on killing crap. The focus is about a bond between two strangers, both surviving in a ruined world. But the story is about love. Not romance, but a tale similar to the love a father has for his daughter.

Some of the sketches and art is riveting. Joel and Ellie laughing around a campfire, walking amoungst deer on what used to be a busy free way, hiding from other survivors who only care about survival and will kill anything that moves.


This is why Im so excited for this game.

Naughty Dog did not make any mistakes in narrative or are they showing "tired troupes" in story telling. The mistake belongs to the writter of this article who just quickly dismissed this as "just another zombie game"

Hell might as well argue that Bioshock Infinite is not emotionally compelling based on the first trailer released. It was one trailer.

ND has impressed both an Acadamy Award winning composer and now he is making the music for this game(which sounds downright awesome) and HIdeo Kojima.

They must be doing something right... no scratch that

DigitalRaptor  +   1392d ago
Very, VERY well said!!!

It's nice to see someone who gets it! :)
El_Barto  +   1392d ago
This is N4G, so you expect people to take up arms for everything Sony related. I don't think it's a good idea for a game, but I'm sure it's a "Day one buy" for all the people here /s

Didn't Dead Rising 2 have a character fighting zombies to save his daughter? Doesn't every zombie game have characters trying to survive?

It's Naughty Dog, they did Uncharted 2 and blew everyone away, but we have been blown away by developers before and one hit doesn't always follow with more or better games or ideas for that matter.

Everyone attacks the article writer for speaking his opinion like it's wrong 100%, how can someones honest opinion be wrong? It's right for him/her and that's all there is to it.

I personally feel survival horror and especially zombie/mutant games have been done to death.

Will I be getting it? of course not. Will the game be a success? I don't know, a lot can happen between now and when the game is released. I do know survival horror and zombie games tend to be niche titles.
j-blaze  +   1392d ago
yeah a 14 year old girl carrying a sniper rifle + a personal knife, searching for bullets instead of food and can stab an infected couple of times like a pro without being scared or anything, hell, the poor guy "Joel" was more terrified than her lol, even the movement of that girl look boyish

a girl at that age suppose to be fragile and scared right?

plus Kojima-san said nothing about this game so don't make things up, Kojima will praise anything and anyone but ND and their overrated games...
mynameisEvil   1392d ago | Trolling | show
MsclMexican   1392d ago | Immature | show
j-blaze  +   1391d ago
"New article about Naughty Dog found in "USA TODAY". "

that what kojima said, he didn't praise that game or anything lol, i could tweet and say " hey i saw a filthy funny looking dog on the street today" and take a picture of that dog, that doesn't mean i was impressed or excited -_-...

and you know, there is something i always say about your holy ND, they love to ripoff things from different sources to make their games

Mario = Crash Bandicoot
Mario Kart = Crash Team Racing
Indy and Tomb Raider = Uncharted series
Enslaved + The Road + I Am Legend = The Last of Us
hell, they can't even design a freaking character, Joel = Hawke from Dragon Age 2 and Ellie is a blind copy of Ellen Page "they probably going to get sued for this"

ND did nothing original and they have zero imagination
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schlanz  +   1391d ago
Did that fool seriously compare The Last of Us to Dead Rising?!?


Go back to the bridge you came from.
MsclMexican   1391d ago | Offensive
kaveti6616  +   1392d ago
I don't like to rag on Naughty Dog. They're a great studio.

But I will rag on people who call them "Naughty God."
Why o why  +   1391d ago
Word play dude...lighten up. What is it with some guys. Why do some peoples love of things annoy others. Do you really think He thinks they are diety. I saw somebody getting pissed because somebody else said they loved a game/dev...how on earth do people get pissed or annoyed over that or take peoples hyperbole as literal speak other than that the praise was heaped on something on a console that wasnt their prefered one. People need to look at themselves for real. The people i mention should just end their comments with 'humbug'.
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kaveti6616  +   1391d ago
Why o why  +   1391d ago

i like good sports more than i dislike party poopers
Pintheshadows  +   1392d ago
This thread sucks. The headline is deliberately inflammatory so we argue over games when we're all gamers. We're here for the same reasons. It's fine to have different tastes and enjoy different things but why bring it down for others.

This weed is nice.

Love to all gamers in this jolly season. Where heavy set people wearing red with grey beards can break into your house. Does that seem right to you?
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Jayjayff  +   1392d ago
What has me dumbfounded is the fact that this is the same trailer where we our main character beating up another survivor for his resources, a perfectly normal human being how do you humanize that anymore ? let alone that we don't really know the characteristics of the infected, those 3 might not represent the whole of the infected.
Hicken  +   1391d ago
Is that what Joel did? You really don't know. None of us do, yet.

We came into that scene after the conflict had already begun, so it might have been some sort of negotiations that broke down, or that the other guy attacked Joel first. Perhaps he made some uncouth remarks in regard to Ellie, something that made him fear for the girl's life.

We've seen a very short trailer, and people everywhere are more than eager to tear it apart.

The author of this article assumes a hell of a lot on about two minutes of first look trailer. And your comment is really assuming that the article is correct in its assumption, which, based on ND's own words, it isn't. Then there are people like El_Barto and j-blaze above who are little more than trolls (and little more may be stretching it, as it is). Then there are the types like Gespent below who decide they can use one phrase or one instance from a game and make a blanket statement deriding them all (I mean really? You're looking for moral maturity in ALL video games? Don't forget: they're a form of entertainment; do you ask for the same "maturity" out of all movies?).

Instead of all this speculation built on speculation, why not wait until there's actually enough game out to judge?
Jayjayff  +   1391d ago
@Hicken mnhhhhh that's true, i guess i did went over my head while picturing the whole trailer, but when it comes to the man being a human i guess there i can't go wrong.... yet then again he might have qualities that would really shy away the fact that he is human.
LedZeppelin  +   1392d ago
I love how this guy wrote an entire article after one trailer. Jeez at least wait for some real gameplay or something
wsoutlaw87  +   1392d ago
lol what a silly article. Hes calling out The last of Us because what, he wishes there was no violence and in the game you just hid as if you were scared, but your not because its just a game. Movies and games are different. Moral issues work better in movies not gameplay, because its just a game. The monsters add a different dimension to the gameplay. No one said it was supposed to be "The Road"
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1391d ago
Their games are usually built on cliches though.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   1391d ago
I hate Honda. Their cars are usually build with wheels.
ForROME  +   1391d ago
I have a great idea - how about we play the game first before we decide if its typical

Its not like ND is going to say their game is like anyone elses, but it very well may be different
cyguration  +   1391d ago
I see these kind of comments alot but usually most people are right in their first judgments of a game.

Given that it's Naughty Dog the game could be different but there's that striking gut feeling that it's Uncharted with vegetable zombies.

There are people saying that XCOM and Syndicate will be great games and we shouldn't "judge them before playing them" but both games look mundane and like Modern Syndicate and XCOM: World Warfare.

The gameplay trailers don't look enticing for either game...gameplay wise.

As for the Last of Us, it's hard to tell because it is an oversaturated genre...we've got Amy coming out that's basically the same thing except without vegetable zombies. I Am Alive is also somewhat similar, though vegetable zombies are replaced with post-apocalyptic zombies.

The main thing determines on how ND approaches the combat, the pace and the gameplay diversity. I think it's the last part that most people are afraid of.
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syanara  +   1391d ago
The article talks about de-humanizing the enemy but doesn't mention the other enemy besides the zombies, other survivors. if you want the ultimate humanization of an enemy in a video game, try other apocalypse survivors trying their best to make their way in whats left of the world. the desperation shown from them should be exactly what your looking for.
cyguration  +   1391d ago
A little like the survivors in Limbo?

Don't mind that giant scary spider, look out for the guy with the hard-hat and the blow-dart.
Hicken  +   1391d ago
The infected may not be completely mindless zombies, but they likely follow some patterns that are easy to read. More likely than not, instinct is a strong determining factor in their actions, and once you have a handle on that, you can predict what they'll do.

Other humans? There's NO telling what they'll do. They may have lost all hope, be concerned only with themselves, have some half-cocked ideas, be completely out of their minds, or have the same motives and goals as you. And no matter what, they're ALL dangerous, because even if you meet on the nicest terms, they could stab you in the back- literally- for your resources, or because they think you were going to attempt it first.

That's definitely not something you have to worry about in other "zombie" games, yet that, and the relationship between Joel and Ellie, are said to be the focus of this game.

Funny, though, cuz most of the people in here just wanna say "It's a zombie game. Those things are zombies and you fight em. Zombie, zombie, zombie." But does a game with zombies automatically make it a "zombie game?" And is everything remotely similar to a zombie actually a zombie?

ALL the Disgaea games have zombies in em, both as enemies and allies.
geddesmond  +   1391d ago
Instead of being happy for a game that looks very interesting. He needs to have a big cry about it. Why the big cry?

Many gaming Journalists have some real issues and people wonder why we get sequel after sequel in gaming. Maybe its because when a new IP does come along, theres people in the gaming industry that don't be kind to the ideas.
KonGreat  +   1391d ago
I thought most zombie themed media is originally supposed to be about survival?
showtimefolks  +   1391d ago
Look devs like ND,bungie,bioware,Kojima production,sucker punch etc,,,,, knows what they are doing. You name me one top of the class dev team that did zombie gener or post apocalyptic gener justice? Don't say capcom with RE because even RE series has had it's share of problems.

I am legend

Or that UBI game I am alive which is now a download title only and has changed up big time from what I read. We all know ND are the #1 dev team in gaming and that's a fact not an opinion. They have done 3 great game series and now on to the 4th.

If the first 3 have not disappointed us what makes you think this will. This game has been in development for over 2 years by the time it comes out it will be about 3 plus years that's enough time for ND to do perfection look at uncharted 2 which was done in 18 months granted it was a sequel but 18 months for what many consider the best game of this gen now come on man

We will see people questioning ND till this comes out so more power to y'all I will wait and see and when ND are saying it's not another zombie game I will take them for their worse it's not like their ever lied to us before
cyguration  +   1391d ago
I can't agree that ND is the best in the business when they haven't done a triple A open world, racing or RPG game yet.

While Uncharted is the best game series in the genre I can't say ND are the best ever when they haven't really proven they can tackle other subject matter like Heavy Rain, Grand Theft Auto or L.A. Noire.
zerocrossing  +   1391d ago
Me thinks this article be trollin.
THR1LLHOUSE  +   1392d ago
I do trust Naughty Dog to make a good game, but I'm really gonna have to see more than a cool trailer to get interested in another zombie game.

Especially after that last zombie game with a cool trailer...
DaveMan  +   1392d ago
Please read this: http://playstationlifestyle...

Again, Naughty Dog has specifically said this is NOT a zombie game! They said if this was a zombie game they wouldn't have shown the zombies, making them more of a focus. They didn't do that. They simply went here's how are zombie sounds like, here's how they look like.

Again, it's a survival and love story. Not a run around with your 12 gauge shotgun and shoot anything that moves.
SybaRat  +   1392d ago
...with zombies. Running zombies. By another name.

I'm curious why that's automatically considered a bad thing.
THR1LLHOUSE  +   1392d ago
It's a game with zombies in it. That makes it a zombie game as far as I'm concerned. I don't care if it's not Left 4 Dead, it's still a game in which zombies play some sort of large role.

Large meaning they're important to the plot/setting/whatever, even if it's not ten straight hours of zombie shooting or whatever.

And if Naughty Dog is saying "It's not a zombie game, it's a love story!" that's blatant PR spin. Every studio does that, and I'm not gonna buy it until I see more from the game.
MysticStrummer  +   1392d ago
I'm a huge fan of zombie related entertainment. I don't consider these creatures zombies any more than the ones in Dead Space. Those aren't zombies. Doesn't matter though. The same people who eat up another sci-fi story about aliens will hate on this, calling it out for re-imagining older ideas, just like 99% of all existing games do. It's just the nature of the hater.
Infernostew  +   1392d ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again... all zombies are undead but not all undead are zombies.
DigitalAnalog  +   1391d ago
"It's a game with zombies in it."
Seriously SSS, are you too damn insistent with your notion that even a direct quote from the CREATORS themselves still doesn't convince you? By that logic I insist that the Kinect is just a USB camera... really it's just a camera as far as I'm concerned.
#2.2 (Edited 1391d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cyguration  +   1391d ago
Dude, Kinect is just a USB camera...hook it up to your PC and you can use just like...a USB camera.

And yes, just because it's a vegetable zombie doesn't make it a non-zombie. I think when the average gamer sees vegetable zombie they'll assume "Oh it's just another zombie game".

I think I do agree with SSS that the creator's saying it's not another zombie is PR spin. Gameplay trailers are what's telling because didn't 2K say that XCOM is just like X-Com when both games are absolutely nothing alike? (and I'm not talking about XCOM being an FPS)
Sadie2100  +   1392d ago
I'm not sick of zombies yet! :)
Imalwaysright  +   1392d ago
Me neither. Im still waiting for a worthy successor to RE4.
crazytown99  +   1392d ago
I'm waiting and seeing on this one, but like the author, I'm pretty skeptical.
GribbleGrunger  +   1392d ago
if Sony invented the fountain of eternal youth these sties would complain that the water didn't come out fast enough
xtremexx  +   1392d ago
gotta complain about something lol
CaveMan  +   1392d ago
And it's idiotic that this game somehow becomes a scape goat.

This game looks brilliant, yet people still find a reason to shit on it. I mean everything sounds SO DAMN good about this game;

-Great looking graphics (tweaked UC3 engine)
-Oscar Winning Composer (Gustavo Sanotalla)
-Emphsis on surving, and the relationship between the 2 characters
-More wider enviorments, and exploration than Uncharted (according to preview)
-Naughty Dog

Still people will call this a worthless zombie game. Ugh. Even if it was a generic zombie game (which it's not). Then it'll be the best generic zombie game in the industry.
christheredhead  +   1392d ago

Game looks brilliant? If you could link me to some gameplay that would be great. All I've seen is the trailer. I haven't got to see the actual game yet.
SnotyTheRocket  +   1391d ago
I'm pretty sure every PS3 owner who has seen the trailer is pumped, why, you might ask? They played Jak and Daxter, Crash, and Uncharteds 1, 2, and 3. They make spectacular games and DESERVE the hype and praise because they are one of the best.
#5.1.3 (Edited 1391d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
h311rais3r  +   1392d ago
Well according to Sony fan boys the ps3 is a fountain of youth....
MariaHelFutura  +   1392d ago
That was kinda lame.....
a_bro  +   1392d ago
well considering the amount of exclusive the PS3 had this year and previous years, it really is a fountain of youth, and its pretty refreshing as well, you should jump in while the water is clean....
#5.2.2 (Edited 1392d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(5) | Report
pc_masterrace  +   1392d ago
more like the fountain of exclusives. the games just keep flowing. harr
#5.2.3 (Edited 1392d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(2) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   1392d ago
Fountain of fun that can't be had on any other platform.
insomnium2  +   1391d ago
Are you really this much of a fanboy hellraiser?

You REALLY should've been here in the beginning of this gen. I wonder what your opinion of the gaming journalism and gaming in general would've been.
crazytown99  +   1392d ago
That sounds more applicable to Valve than Sony.
Rageanitus  +   1391d ago
Their are many haters for Sony out their, because Sony made products in the past that are proprietory and overpriced.... yes over priced at times but I have not seen another company that has pushed change.
smashcrashbash  +   1392d ago
First of all please stop saying they are zombies. We know nothing about what they are. We don't know if they are mindless, maneaters, undead or have infectious bites. The Chimera were not zombies therefore you can't say every fast moving organism that attacks you is automatically a zombie. Second of all ND already stated that the creatures are not the main focus of the game, therefore it most like likely won't just be another 'zombie game' like L4D or DI.

Lastly when has ND EVER done anything that was generic or wasn't dynamic or ordinary? They haven't. So why the jump to condemn this game before we know more about it? Out of all developers why do you think they would be the ones to just make another 'zombie game'? @ GribbleGrunger for real. That seems to be the mantra of gamers this gen. 'Sony is doing that? I can't see that working'
Series_IIa  +   1392d ago
Ever is such a long time...

Jayjayff  +   1392d ago
hahaha got him fair and square there.
smashcrashbash  +   1392d ago
Oh come now. Your going to use the 3DO as proof? I don't think there was a single good game for the 3DO. I don't think any game company could have made a good game on that piece of junk. Even the Naughty Gods have their limits.
Rageanitus  +   1391d ago
I always thought Zombies are the living dead ;)
CaveMan  +   1392d ago

Yes it's a game with zombies in it. An yes they do has a (presumably) large role. But the zombies have equally as important roles as the other surviving humans you fight with, and the animals you encounter, and the fierce nature elements your supposed to encounter, and the struggle of finding supplies to survive, or joel and ellies relationship.

It seems that simply because you saw zombies in the trailer you presume the whole game is simply about zombies 24/7. An if you choose not to believe Naughty Dog then fine.
#7 (Edited 1392d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Skyliner12  +   1392d ago
Uhh.. no matter how many times I read the title of this article it makes no sense. Are you trying to use the word "reveling"? Reveling *in* game tropes?

It's such a well written article I don't get the title mess-up.
Sadie2100  +   1392d ago
"Revealing" makes sense here. The author asserts that the trailer *is* revealing - it reveals many tired game tropes.
palaeomerus  +   1392d ago
"'The Last of Us' trailer reveals tired video game tropes."



The trailer isn't really revealing anything so it's better to just say that it has a lot of tropes in it.

"'The Last of Us' trailer full of tired video game tropes. "
#8.2 (Edited 1392d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ThatOneGuyThere  +   1391d ago
Thank you! I'm tired of people trying to sound smarter than they know/think themselves to be by randomly complicating statements with unnecessary complexity. Your title is so much better. :-) $#!t like this is why I hate San Francisco.
bronxsta  +   1392d ago
I hate articles like this. We haven't seen one second of actual gmeplay set. Not one and already people are saying the game is generic and recycling old tropes (which is not a bad thing)

I love zombie games, I love zombie literature (World War Z still one of my favorite books ever). I love zombies movies, be them real undead or fast infected a la 28 Days or anything in between. So I'm really excited for this. Naughty Dog is just the icing on the cake.

And if they can make a zombie game that's actually tense and scary and slow paced, not like Dead Rising or RE4/5 or L4D, then I consider that a huge triumph and one more step towards my dream (pipe dream, maybe) of an open-world survival horror zombie game.
Faztkiller  +   1392d ago
Why does everyone say zombie just because Its humanoid doesn't mean its zombie.
MrDead  +   1392d ago
This article is as sad and pathetic as the people moaning about a game they know nothing about. Ive never seen so much drivel witten about a 1 min trailer.
RaidensRising  +   1392d ago
The author has made a fair point regarding gaming's biggest recurrences and mechanisms, but then again he has no basis for making his assumptions based on the trailer.

Games can tell a story and humanize characters, but perhaps the remit of this particular trailer was to set the tone for the game, rather than expand on its details.

Contrary to what the author believes, nothing in the trailer actually suggests a shooter of sorts, and just because there's a handgun doesn't make it so.
#12 (Edited 1392d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
The_Nameless_One  +   1392d ago
WOW! Just wow! These guys have really raised the bar for erratic behavior. The article is actually longer then the trailer itself. It's amazing how the writer wrote a whole article about a game he knows NOTHING ABOUT!

Great job Bitmob. You just joined the collection of every other fanboy "web site". Who the hell approves this crap anyways? I fully expect this behavior from a fanboy blog and not from someone who's "job" is to wait until all the facts are at hand.

Like Kramer told jerry "That's one for the books".
additup28  +   1392d ago
Good or bad, Naughty Dog has to love all the publicity these sites are giving to a 2 minute trailer.
DanSolo  +   1391d ago
Well it worked for Dead Island....

That's the way it goes these days, just get people talking about something, it doesn't matter if it's in a positive or a negative way just get it known and talked about and that is publicity.

To those people who KEEP on about there being too many zombie games I say 2 things...

1) There are too many of lots of type of games/movie/books ect... just pick the best of the bunch of whatever you like and leave the rest.

2) The thing is there have not been hardly any GOOD zombie games, and the few that have been good tended to only be good in one area. There has yet to be a truly class zombie game made.

Personally I am interested to see what the game turns out like, there is not enough info to make ANY sort of judgement yet.... it will be what it will be.

ND are a good developer and the Uncharted series is great (although I do think people could do with calming down on the whole Naughty God bit, it's a bit over the top the way people go on about it), so I think the game will be a good game regardless of the direction it takes, but I have reasonably high hopes for the game and look forward to hearing more about it.... it's well and truly on my radar, but I am sensible enough to just wait and see!
-Gespenst-  +   1392d ago
Totally agree. Videogames are still largely completely stupid and treat ideas of death and violence completely irreverently. They're still largely sensational; particularly ND games. They disguise themselves as intelligent with high production values, but the underpinning moral aspects (if any) are utterly juvenile.

Still though, maybe the trailer will become more fleshed out and make more sense when we get to play the game. Part of me kind of doubts this though given ND's track record.
#15 (Edited 1392d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
wenaldy  +   1392d ago
The game's already win just because it has Gustavo Sanotalla on it.
WorldGamer  +   1392d ago
What's funny is the game just got announced and all these sites are going crazy trying to speculate.

Some are already bashing the game, and we all know how that turned out with Killzone 2.
Ch1d0r1  +   1392d ago
Is it me or is Juno in this game??

BTW once i read this..

"I might also preface this with the observation that the industry exists in a perpetual preview cycle and that expecting a trailer to be representative of some aspects of the final game is not beyond reason."

i stopped reading.
SugarSoSweet  +   1392d ago
HayMan  +   1392d ago
@ El_Barto

Your right in saying that Dead Rising 2 featured a similar theme with a father trying to save his daughter. An your also right in saying most apoclayptic games involve survival in one way or another.

But ask yourself, truly ask yourself, when was the last time you played a zombie/apoclaptic game that made you cry or feel any type of emotion? That's why were excited for this project. We want our heart strings to be pulled! We want to acutally CARE for the characters! We want to be ANGRY, we want to feel SAD, we want to feel the jubliation of HOPE, and feel the trials and tribulations of DISPAIR.

Not one zombie game has achieved this. Not one!
SquidBuck  +   1392d ago
Number one, those things are so fast that if they hadn't of killed them they would eventually find them and catch them; secondly, they're experienced at killing theses things that's why they were not scared. I hate this stupid article and site.
Pintheshadows  +   1392d ago
If this dude feels this way about games he'd shoot his mind if he watched a film.

Mind shoot. Dangerous.
Hazmat13  +   1392d ago
Playstation needs a good zombie game like L4D or something. this game is not a zombie game but genetic mutation. cant wait to play it!
SSultan  +   1392d ago
Lol! I swear some people must have tears of frustration when trying to attack/defend. Why? Just stfu.
Bathyj  +   1392d ago
God help.
Stop me if youve heard this one.
PS3 dev game gets ridiculed because its got characteristics just like every game thats come before it.

Violence is a solution. No crap. Someone's attaching you, you defend yourself. How do you know the character gives no thought to it or as no remorse or qualms? Even Zelda is violent. If a political simulator comes out where you have meetings with committees I'll let you know.

"In the trailer, the man readies his weapon to blast his way to freedom. The girl unflinchingly stabs a hostile creature."

Thats not what I saw at all. I saw a guy who would have preferred if the enemy hadnt seen him at all. If he was on a kill mission he would have plugged two of them before they were through the door using the only advantage he had, surprise. Instead he opted to wait and hide and hope they wouldnt be seen.

And I saw a girl, not attach like she was in Kill Bill, but rather react only when the situation looked so grave, she was forced into action. Survival is an instinct almost all lifeforms share.

"Naughty Dog has also conveniently dehumanized his enemy,"

Yeah, OK. Thats assuming that everyone is right in treating this like "just another zombie game."

But as I've said before, this line from Naughty Dog tells me more about the game than anything else we've seen.
"Survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on. "

How does this guy know we wont meet humans with agendas or motives different from our own? How does he know we're just going to kill everything that walks without ever second guessing ourselves? How many people keep telling us dont get to excited, wait for some gameplay to judge it, but then are willing to think they've seen everything this game has to offer in Dead Rising or Left for Dead?
DigitalRaptor  +   1391d ago
It's okay man, I understand.

Some people just have next to no intelligence to judge things for themselves or look past what's on the surface.

From the trailer, I also saw characters who cared about each other. Joel, the man who didn't want to kill, but had to out of desperation. People on a mission of survival, not a killing spree to get pre-empt their enemies and have fun whilst killing. It's a game that will make us think about who to trust, should we kill this person/creature? etc.

And why are the motives of the characters being judged? They are adrenaline-fueled survivors and have been for almost every day of their lives since it began. who knows how long they've been together in this situation? Ellie, the girl obviously knows what she is doing because she's had to grow up fast, learn how to survive and is very instinctual. You can tell by the way she searches the dead man's body for items.

I also saw deeper into the possibilities of the interaction between these 2 characters.

Teen angst - maybe the Ellie will get angry with Joel and run off adding to the tension of the storyline.

Social awkwardness that comes with an older man spending lots of time with a young girl under those brutal conditions. Those awkward emotions could be transferred to the player, or be a funny aspect to the game.

We've seen concept art of them both laughing together, so there's a unique bond there, and it's clear there are multiple dimensions to the storytelling that will make this something completely unique, since it's focused very heavily on narrative and character development rather than slaying zombies, as most people seem to think it will be.

Of course a lot of that is speculation, but that's much more realistic than spouting crap about it being "just another zombie game"?

The actual lack of common sense that drives this criticism, it really doesn't make sense that people can be this stupid. I can imagine the ones complaining about zombie games are also the ones that go out and buy Modern Warfare 2.5 and the like.

The Last of Us is a COMPLETELY fresh take on a tired genre. Deal with it haters!
#25.1 (Edited 1391d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   1391d ago
It might be speculation, but like you said, at least youre looking beyond the surface.

I cant help but think they made the girl look like Ellen Page, not because she might do the voice, but because characters shes played are street smart, and mature.

I'm sure most people have seen Juno, where shes wise beyond her years and has more common sense than alot of 25 year old girls I've known. But have you seen Hard Candy? Its a great role, in a distrubing movie, but I like really strong female characters because you rarely see them, and I dont mean strong because she does kung fu or has an uzi. Shes mentally tough and savvy.

Yeah, I dont know why people would just want to assume the worst about this game. I put it down to the I hate Sony BS that we've all had to live with for the last 6 or so years.

At least you and I will enjoy it.
DOOMZ  +   1392d ago
Looks like more of the same except moldy people, lol!
Tarantino_Life  +   1392d ago
What a fail article. Lol idiot is complaining about violence.Very curious what his favorite games are...
goldwyncq  +   1392d ago
Finally, an article that doesn't have comments about 'I am Legend' or Ellen Page.
#28 (Edited 1392d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Orionsangel  +   1392d ago
They keep remaking the same game! Either we get shooters or survival horror games.
NeoBasch  +   1392d ago
hai there trolls

The game hasn't even come out yet. Damage control much.
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