CVG: 5 most underrated games of 2011

With all the AAA games flooding in over the past few months, you might have missed out on some absolute gems. Or possibly, you missed out on games that critics didn't score that well, but were actually decent.

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NukaCola2380d ago

Underrated is unappreciated or not held to it's true value. These games (minus what I hear about To the Moon) are just medicore games.

I think the champion game this year which was totally not given it's due was DEADSPACE 2. One of the best looking, smoothest, solid story, GOTY worthy campaign (terrible MP though) and kind of shoved away. Also Bulletstorm was pretty fun. Most games at the beginning of the year were overshadowed by the Holiday blockbusters. Almost thought Portal 2 would be lost in the mix, but it's too great to stay down

Army_of_Darkness2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Dead space 2, shadows of the damned, resistance 3, infamous 2 and killzone 3 were all under rated in my opinion and all should be nominated for games of the year in there respective genres.

Duke nukem was overrated, then underrated when it released cause it sucked my salty balls after 10hrs of sweat build up from construction work.

DA_SHREDDER2380d ago

Dead Space 2 forsure, Resistance 3, definitely, Uncharted, definitely, Motorstorm Apocalypse (aside from the crappy cut scenes even though they look cool in 3D) was and is still freakin amazing. Portal was a little over hyped though I'm glad to see valve bring cross platform play. DCU was totally overlooked. Killzone 3, to me, is probably the best FPS this gen. Saints Row 3 was more than underrated. Can't believe Skyrim and Batman took the crown so easily? I guess the majority don't know what they were missing out of.

BTW, I left inFamous 2 out cause even though it was cool, and I loved the powers, the new voice actor totally killed it for me. I miss the old Cole and I don't think I could ever look at the series the same again.

Fylus2380d ago

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't call DNF underrated... it deserved the scores it got.

Captain Qwark 92380d ago

yeah duke was trash man, i was a big fan too so it was disappointing to say the least.

to be honest though they got the atmosphere, characters, tone, dialogue, graphics all right imo but they fell flat becuase the gameplay and level design sucked

gigreen2380d ago

5 sites for one article? No thanks.

tigertron2380d ago

Dead Space 2.

This game blew me away, the graphics, the sound, the atmosphere, the story, the gameplay, even the MP are all amazing.

Many people were concerned with the action/horror route Visceral were taking, but it worked. They could show Capcom a thing or to. Anyone who hasn't yet played this PLEASE do so.

Captain Qwark 92380d ago

i still plan too, soon too. enjoyed the first one a lot.

schlanz2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Dead Space 2 was fantastic.. enjoyed it from start to finish. Yeah, it was linear, and it had cheap scares, but that was perfectly fine by me. I'd easily put it in my top 5 this year. Shame that by the end of 2011 most "critics" seemed to have forgotten about it. Probably the scariest game this gen.

edit: although forgotten, hard to say its really underrated.. sitting just under 90% average. Pretty respectable.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2380d ago

Splatterhouse & Shadows of the Damned.

ShaunCameron2377d ago

Splatterhouse came out in 2010. Boy, the game got frustratingly hard in the final 2-3 chapters. It was decent. Nice art design.

Shadows Of The Damned, indeed. I unlocked 39 Achievements in just one playthrough. The game wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was gonna be that kept me away from it until October, though it had some real hard parts. Pretty much any part where you had to stay away from Paula while blasting your way through obstacles.

Draperc2380d ago

Goldeneye : Reloaded should be on this list. Just be thankful there's a remake at all and that it came to ps3/360.

So what if it plays like call of duty?

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