Boy attacked by moose "feigns death"; thanks WoW

A Norweigian news site is reporting that a young boy and his sister were attacked by a moose, and the boy reportedly "taunted' the moose away from his sister, and then feigned death, causing the moose to lose aggro and leave. "Just like you learn in level 30 in World of Warcraft," the boy is quoted as saying.

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Krazy Ken Kutaragi3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

It was MK_Red

Feihc Retsam3824d ago

What they don't mention is the fact that the entire reason he taunted to moose was in hopes of killing it to gain XP!

HeartlesskizZ3824d ago

I dont get your joke but is funny how he got that from a game =)

iceice1233824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Hunters are overpowered.

xsteinbachx3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

ha icewake something i can agree on.

although i'm surprised he didn't send his pet after it while using a concussion shot so he can throw on aspect of the cheetah, and run away.

i'm glad i stopped playing.

LinuxGuru3824d ago


Looks like WoW finally gains some credibility in the real world!

Hooray Moose!


BloodySinner3824d ago

Wonder what would happen if he was attacked by a lion.

MK_Red3824d ago

The lion would have eaten him. Then media, senators and Jack Thompson would have blamed WoW and video games for his death.

BloodySinner3824d ago

Thanks for the laugh. Because it happens to be very true.

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The story is too old to be commented.