David Jaffe Talks About His Return to Twisted Metal

The near-mythic creator of the God of War franchise talks about his new independent life at Eat Sleep Play and his reignited interest in the classic Twisted Metal series.

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d3l33t3820d ago

Does anyone else think it's weird he mentions "Twisted Metal Black 2"!?!

I think it's a typo.

Arkham3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

*Black* 2? Excellent! By far my favourite. But I think his reference was to the canned TMB2, and they're just now able to use the levels they had previously created.

Maybe we'll see a TMB2 in the future. Who knows. "In the future there will be robots."

d3l33t3820d ago

I wonder what he has in store for PS3 owners?!

"Jaffe: Yeah. By the time our first PlayStation 3 title comes out, after we ship the Head-On port, rumble is going to be back to being standard and it's already well on the way, so we're not like, "Rumble's back, let's change the design" but it's more like, "Rumble's back, let's put it in."

THE_JUDGE3820d ago

cancelled for whatever reason. I pray to the gaming gods that they deem TM worthy of another run on PS3.

e-ray3820d ago

Same here. The original Black was so great, I wonder what has kept them from providing to us another...

PimpHandHappy3820d ago

Twisted Metal in nextgen glory!!!


zsscommand3820d ago

OMG yes!!! Only one of my favorite games of all time. I knew he wanted to make a next gen Twisted Metal, woot!

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