Shadow Hearts team is behind Lost Odyssey: They kept this quiet, why?

Via Destructoid:

"An Internet Matlock at NeoGaf has uncovered some very interesting information regarding the newly released (in Japan) Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey. The Feelplus development team that worked on the game seem to be mostly made up of ex-Nautilus employees -- if you don't know Nautilus, get outta town -- it's the now-defunct company responsible for Legend of Dragoon, Phantom Dust and, most importantly, the awesome Shadow Hearts franchise."

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lonestarmt3875d ago

nice, I still hope we see another shadow hearts though.

Sam Fisher3875d ago

it was gory long, hard as hell and alittle scary

lonestarmt3875d ago

I think so, the second one was actually better than the first. The series is very dark, and it has very dark humor. Its very Japanese though, so play it only if you like that kind of stuff. the three on the ps2 are all very good and tie in nicely!!

Darkiewonder3875d ago

VERY Awesome game btw.
1 was just ew. third was just eh.

Naruto3875d ago

Nautilus no longer make shadow hearts games read the article that's why it says EX-Nautilus employees

and X-seed Owns the SH series

socomnick3875d ago

So nautilus = Mystwalker ?

Im confused.

Sam Fisher3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

ex-employees of Nautilus + founder of ff series + Nobuo Uematsu = mystwalker

Vojkan3875d ago

Nah, this is lie to give more hype to this mediocre game.

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The story is too old to be commented.