The first 10 minutes: No more Heroes

Gamersyde writes:

"DjMizuhara keeps the good stuff coming with this time this first video of No More Heroes, Suda 51's latest strange game for the Wii. It's the japanese version of the game, so as expected some stuff has been censored."

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jaymil23863757d ago

It still looks like a lot of fun, but it does seem to have some control and camera issues. Hopefully they fix them because I love the art direction.

BubyDudy3757d ago

A lot of camera issues...

ChickeyCantor3757d ago

:o i actually looked down @ this game, this is pretty awesome =D XD

the music is cool too XD
i like the constant combo system.

although i think it will take a while befor i get it.

DJmizuhara3757d ago

There's a second video up at gamersyde. The camera is terrible in this game, the combat, style and visuals make up for it.

wiizy3756d ago

it got all 9's from famitsu so its all good to go... cant wait for the game... .. oh i believe most ps3 games only got a 8 or lower